Our Top Picks for Interactive Dog Toys

interactive dog toys

It is so important to exercise your dogs mind.  Dog treat dispenser are a great way to stimulate and reduce boredom.

Here are our top picks.

Ossian’s Pick

wobblerKong Wobbler

Super sturdy: Made of hard plastic-great for when you need to nose it up against base boards to make the treats come out.  Easy open bottom for treat filling.



Koda’s Pick

ball treat dyspenser Toy’s R Us Ball Treat Dispenser

Rubber: Easy to carry and throw around.  Takes a bit to fill with treats as you only have the small opening to put treats in.



Mom’s Pick

buster activity matBuster Activity Mat

Multiple “task” available-very challenging!!!  Best when paired with “puppy crack” a.k.a Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls


Dad’s Pick

holler ball

Hol-ee Roller

Great for those “de-stuffers” Best used with old socks & puppy crack a.k.a Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls




Other puzzles we like:



And our very own DIY Treat Dispenser




Natural Healthy Supplements thanks to PL360

Mom is addicted to finding the best supplements for us, so of course she was ecstatic when PL360 reached out to us with an opportunity to try out some of their natural supplements. We were not compensated for this post and there for all our opinions are our own.  We do believe in PL360 and that would be the reason we are sharing this with you!

If you have not hear about PL360 it could be because their are fairly new.  Starting about 14 years ago, they work with a team of veterinarians and pet experts to create natural supplements that support and promote a healthier lifestyle.

We all wanna a healthier life!  We love that PL360 uses natural ingredients (are you keeping track of how many times we use the word natural???)
Ingredients that are safe for pets and get the job done!  Simple is the key!

PL360 find innovative ways to make pet care easier, so we can go on that WALK YOU PROMISED!!!

PL 360 Natural Supplements

We received two different types of supplements.

PL360 Pet Supplements
Advanced Hip & Joint Formula and Shed No More By PL 360

The first was Arthogen Plus advanced Hip & Joint Formula:  it comes in a 90ct, 180ct, and a 360ct.  We got the largest bottle, because we are some big pups!  It has Glucosamine (500mg) Chondroitin (200mg) plus MSM & HA to support healthy hips & joints.  If you know anything about hips you know that Glucosamine and Chondoroitin are a must in the supplement department.  Both me & Ossian suffer from bad hips.  Ossian has double hip dysplasia and I have just all kinds of issues, bad hips, bad back, TWO recent ACL tears!  So we need all the help we can get.

The great thing about this suppplement is its beef flavor.  Although I am not big on taking pills, I will swallow these if told to do so with a few spins and catch!  You can also crush it up and put it in your food….if you like that.  Doseage is pretty standard for most hip supplements.  The first few weeks you “Load” the dose- meaning giving a double dose to get it in your system.  Then you can back down to a maintance dose.  For me and Ossian our Maintance dosage is 2 a day.  Not bad right?  Lets hear what Mom had to say about Arthogen Plus Advanced Hip & Joint Formula.

“We have tried so many different supplements they all kind of run together.  But I do like how the pups take to this supplement, although it has shellfish as an ingredient it doesn’t have a strong odor like some supplements which I like.  I can’t really give a good answer to how it works.  The pups didn’t seem to have issues, so that’s a plus.  However words can not express how much I LOVE the second supplement we receieved…”

Ossian trying out PL360's Shed No More Supplement

The second supplement was Shed No More.  Mom won’t stop talking about it!  She has told all her friends….

“It’s amazing.  Within a week I noticed the fur bunnies were few and far between.  Both pups have shinnier healthier looking hair and skin.  I even let them sleep with us more often, b/c the hair doesn’t take over!  I love this product, and to think I was only giving them half of the recommended dosage”

Ossian smelling PL360 Shed No More Supplements

That’s right, mom is NOT a morning person, so if we have medications that need to be given in the morning….we are just out of luck.  The supplement “Shed No More” dose chart calls for me a 55pound dog (if you tell anyone my weight, i will bite you!) to have 2 tablets twice a day, Ossian being the big boy he is, shoudl be getting three twice a day.  So we were really only getting half the recommended dose.

“IT WORKS!  Even with half the dose!  It works.”

Mom won’t stop!  Tell your friends, if they are a double coated pup like us their rents will LOVE this supplement.  It will mean more bed and cuddle time we are sure!

If you want to learn more about these amazing products and purchase them.  Because we know you will!  Check out PL360’s website here www.pl360pet.com & follow them on twitter @pl360pet and on facebook.

Where to buy?  HealthyPets.com or EntirelyPets.com

the OK Dog’s Rating 3 out of 5 3 out 5

Yummy Treats by Full Moon

We were so excited today when we got a box of FullMoon treats!  FOUR different kinds!  How awesome is that?!?!

So what is FullMoon treats:  Full Moon Treats is a family owned company that started in 2011.  Made only in the USA, using REAL food and packaged just right for us.  Mom is a stickler for local farms…she grew up on the farm.  Oh can I count how many times she has said…”well back on the farm when i was young…”  *insert roll of eyes* Do dogs roll there eyes…oh well thats for another time!

Full Moon understands the importance of local farmers and gives back to them.  There is even a farm here in Kentucky that sells their cage free chickens to Full Moon to use in their Chicken Strips!

OK so lets get down to the treats…



Mom hand me some Chicken Jerky!


YUMMM>*chom chom cho…* GONE!

These Chicken Jerky Strips are awesome!  They have add hip & joint benefits as well.  Which is good for me, I have some bad hips and Koda, well…she has started to fall apart (two torn ACLs and all!)

Full Moon’s Chicken Jerky Plus Hip & Joint is made with all white cage free chickens.  There are no yucky filers like corn or soy and as a bonus it has 500mg of Glucosamine and 300mg of Chondroitin with some turmeric to help reduce inflamations is not a bad added bonus considering mom makes me take a Dasuquin every night (it has 900mg of Glucosamine)  I mean! Give me two chicken jerkys!  It taste WAY BETTER than a silly ol chewable pill (mom doesn’t think I know there pills, but “I” know there pills)  I SO SMART.

So next….what did we get next…Mom…


MOM!   Why did you leave the kitchen.  We are trying out these yummy treats and I don’t have thumbs to open this package.

~sschmmmmmm~ smell that….oh yeah, you can’t, but it smells amazing…is that BACON!  YUMMMMM


REAL BACON.  I mean the real stuff….better than that box of bacon Dad buys at the grocery for breakfast on Saturdays! Yuck!    This stuff….YEAH YEAH give me more!

Wow…..I don’t know where to begin….lets start with this amazing aroma. *chom chom* I mean it smells better than bacon being fried in the frying pan..(if thats possible) *chom chom* Like good enough for mom and dad to eat…*chom* but NO no not for mom and dad to eat there just isn’t enough for them…*chom chom* they must just get their own. *CHOM*

The taste: its chewy but not two chewy; its just right.  *gulp* and the texture- perfecto.  *chom gulp* Full Moon blew it out of the park and LANDED on the Moon with this one. *chom chom* This one will go down in the books as just the best…..WAIT….what…what….what is it…

“Ossian you just ate that ENTIRE BAG! BAD BOY’


OHta OH..I think someones made at me….


Okay I’m back, had my time out and now mom is leaving me alone.  But now I don’t have anyone to give me more of those treats I see laying here on the counter.

Ya seem em.  They’re right there.  I can touch them with my nose.


I could even get them if i wanted too….but I already got scolded by mom, I don’t like getting into trouble.  Which doesn’t happen much, because mom just looks at me…and I give her those “sad puppy dog eyes” and she hugs me and says everything is fine.


see these puppy dogs eyes are to die for!

Anyways, I will leave the other two Full Moon treat bags for tomorrow.

Make sure and check back for the most up to date information going on at the Gibson household.

We know you have lots of blogs to read from, but thank you for choosing to spend a minute with us!


Ossian Moose

Check out Full Moon’s website for more information


The OK Dog’s Rating:  5 out of 5 5 out of 5