Redbud Trail Dog Park

Nature of Park: non fenced, off leash dog area/trail

Open to Public

Location: 3401 Redbud Trail, Austin, TX 78746

Enrichment: hiking trail with water access (be aware of blue algae.)

Areas: One open area

Surface: grass, gravel, dirt

Human Comfort: none


TheOKdog’s Rating: 3 out of 5 Paws

Bandy Field Dog Park, Richmond, VA

Nature of Park: Large open area, not fenced
Open to Public
Enrichment: Wide open spaces
Areas: One large Area
Surface: Grass/Dirt
Human Comfort: none (bring a blanket or chairs)


Large off leash non fenced area where locals go to play fetch with their pup and socialize.  There were lots of dogs when we went, it was almost dusk but still lots of people stayed until dark (no lights sadly) Parking was hard, as its at a back of a neighborhood, but a nice off leash dog area

3 out of 5 paws!

Bald Eagle Otter Lake Regional Dog Park

Nature of Park: Fenced off leash dog park

Open to public

Location: 5780 W Bald Eagle Blvd, White Bear, MN, US, 55110

Enrichment: 10 acres of woods and trails.

Areas: one area for all

Surface: dirt, mulch, sand, grass, mud

Human Comforts: a few benches around the park


Prairie Wolf Dog Park

Nature of Park: Fenced off leash area

Open to public: must have a permit to enter-More on permits here

Location: Entrance is on Waukegan Road (Route 43), south of Old Mill Road and north of Half Day Road (Route 22) in Lake Forest.

Enrichment:  44 acres of lakes and woods to explore

Area: one large area

Surface: grassy, weedy, woody, dirty!

Human Comfort: Just bring your walking shoes! & bug spray