Dog Parks, Travel

Minnehaha Dog Park

Nature of park: semi fenced off leash dog park Open to public: must pay to park Location: 4801 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, US, 55417 Enrichment: tons of hiking trails, and access to river Areas: one area Surface: dirt, sand, mud, grass Human Comforts: none

Dog Parks, Travel

Cosmo Park Off Leash Area

Nature of Park: Nature Area, Not fenced Open to Public (DOG OWNERS BE AWARE RULES) Location: Cosmo Nature Park, Columbia MO Enrichment: NATURE, pond, tall grass, woods Areas: Over 200 acres of off leash ares (leash must be one when on main trail) Surface: Mud, grass, gravel, dirt, grass, water Human Comfort: Wear your comfy… Continue reading Cosmo Park Off Leash Area

Dog Parks, Travel

Grindstone Nature Area

Day two in Columbia, Missouri was a great day: We explored Grindstone Nature Area.  This park allows dogs off leash on almost 200 acres.  You and your pup are able to explore woods, fields, Grindstone creek, and enjoy the beauty of nature with NO LEASHES!!!!  The only rule is to keep your dog on leash… Continue reading Grindstone Nature Area