Doggy Chiropractor

Did you know there was such a thing as a Doggy Chiropractor?

Yes, there is!

A veterinarian with chiropractic training can help treat dogs joint and back pain.


When Koda was diagnosis in 2012 with IVDD (Intervetebral disk disease), I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a dog chiropractor!  Although through some research and some awesome dog lover facebook groups I found that an appointment with a doggy chiropractor might benefit Koda.

We had our first chiropractor appointment last October.  We went to a veterinary clinic that had a specialist come in once a week to adjust pups.  It was cool to see her work on Koda, but I didn’t really pick up on everything she was doing as Koda was on the treatment table and the Doctor was just basically rubbing her from what I could see.

So tonight we had our first AT HOME chiropractor appointment.  It was so neat.  I think I enjoyed it as much or more than Koda, as I learned a lot.  I could see the doctor as she gently ran her fingers down Koda’s spine.  You could tell Koda’s painful spots as it caused a ripple of pain in her fur.  The doctor then would push around the spot and the ripple seemed to disappear.  She did this in multiple places, including Koda’s neck.

I wish I could have gotten before and after videos, believe me Koda is happy and playful now even after a few hours after her appointment.  Her tail is held higher than usual, and she is sitting and walking straighter.

Isn’t it amazing that a Doctor can use such small amounts of low force manipulation around the joints and spinal cord and it straightens her out just right!

Luckily the Doctor did not believe that Koda was in such a bad shape.  She believe we can go a few weeks without having to make another appointment.

I am so thankful for holistic veterinarians that believe in things like pressure points and chiropractic adjustments.

Have you ever been to the chiropractor?


SmartBones Calming Chews

SmartBones Calming Care
Chicken Chews Dog Treats
16 pack




Just received this product today!

Got it for Krazy Koda, as you know she is anxious all the damn time.  Thought well if I can’t get her to take chews by herself, maybe a chewy bone would be great.   It was!
She took it straight from my hands and after taunting Ossian for a bit she sat down and ate it.

I have to believe it worked, it has been over an hour now and she is quietly rest on the couch not panting.  And if you know anything about her, you know that is a good thing and its not normal for her not to pant.

I love that it is small and compact and she took it straight from me.  Unlike all the other calming treats we have she doesn’t want them and we have to make her swallow this was great she just took it and ate it!

We got ya hooked?  Order it now at


Wanna know more about SmartBone Calming Care Bones?

SmartBones is the next generation dog chew that has all the benefits of a rawhide chew…without the rawhide! They are tasty chews that will help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. These Calming Care Sticks will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Key Benefits

  • Chews are made with tantalizing wholesome vegetables, real chicken, chamomile and lavender for a scrumptious taste, and a happy lifestyle
  • All the benefits of a rawhide chew without the rawhide!
  • Firm exterior scrapes teeth clean, while the yummy interior offers health-promoting ingredients
  • Gummy texture scrapes the teeth clean during both the up and down motion of the jaw for twice the scraping action
  • With a taste dogs love, plus dental benefits for their health, Smart n’ Tasty Canine Dental Treats are the ideal way to reward both you and your loved companion



  1. Corn, Chicken, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Fructose, Pork Gelatin, Barley Malt Syrup, Maltodextrin, Chamomile Extract, Lavendar Extract, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Ferrous Sulfate, Titanium Dioxide (Artificial Color), Zinc Sulfate, Artificial Flavor, Niacin Supplement, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Sodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Propionate (Preservative), Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Vitamin E Supplement, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Manganese Sulfate, Vitamin B12 Supplement,Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin Supplement, Fd & C Blue 1.


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Woodford Wag

We attended the 7th annual Woodford Wag this morning.  This 5K Cross Country Race & 2k Dog Walk benefits the Woodford Humane Society.  This was our first time going, we had to get up early and that was ruff, but loved spending time with Sydney!

wp-1464486045117.jpg wp-1464486203362.jpg

My cousin Sydney and I were in the “Pet and their Person Look-a-Like Contest”  We won runner up too!!!



We are lucky to live near such an awesome humane society that has such great events!

Check out all the events at Woodford Humane Society 

Pet Superhero

Pet Faves’  Instagram post got us thinking….

pet superpower

Well Ossian’s would be mind control.  He would like to say that he already has that super power…I mean I can’t really say he doesn’t because mom and dad usually do whatever he wants.  He’s so spoiled rotten.

Just like today he threw a fit when mom and dad went off to work, and they closed their bedroom door so he couldn’t’ sleep on the bed.  I mean.  Come’on Ossian.  They let you sleep on the bed at night.  Which is a whole different story; you just don’t wanna get me started on that.  Anyways….rant over…

My superpower would be to have “SonicBark”  (i kind of stole it from Malarky) but its too awesome not to steal.

“SonicBark”  Think of what I could do.  I could stun all people that come into my yard.  I could also get those stinkin rabbits that romp across the road!  And those geese.  OH what I could do if my bark stunned geese.   Those geese would be mine.  I wouldn’t harm them-NO!  I’d train them to be my solders!  Oh yes “SonicBark”would be awesome

I could even have my own comic book!  The Adventure of SuperKoda. Nah, that’s not very good.  I need a good super name….if my super power is super sonic bark, and my name is Koda….what should my name be???



Happy Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving comes……you guessed it….Turkey! 
We are thankful for turkey and thankful that our parents give us said  turkey.  What are you thankful for this Holiday?

Some of the other wonderful things in our life we are thankful for:
-Sleeping on the couch
-Sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed
-Traveling with Mom and Dad
-Sniffing new places
-Dad’s new bday gift….it’s called…ummm….a de-hydrator?  It makes awesome chicken jerky!  Yeah we’re thankful for that!!!!
-Our grandparents!  We dont see them much, but when we do we go crazy.
-The wonderful girls at Poochies Plus.  Thankful we have such an awesome place to stay when Mom and Dad can’t take us with them.


Florida ROAD TRIP!

Our Big Road Trip truly started when we got to Florida!  We had so many places we wanted to sniff.


Home of the Gators

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Picnic Island Beach Dog Park

Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg FL

Freedom Lake Big Dog Park

Check out awesome photos from our trip on Instragram  #theokroadtrip

Fort De Soto Paw Playground

See our post about the awesome beach!












When I grow up….


I wanna be a sled dog!

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been an excellent girl this year. I have protected the house from many different nosies. I have rid the yard of moles and groundhogs. I am always on my best behavior, I even graduated head of my class at BAC training class. Mom and I have really bonded this year! If I could have one thing this year it would be for mom and daddy to never leave me!! I know they must work; so to bring me Vienna sausages! So in place of them staying home i would like a bunny, a Guinea pig, a bird, a groundhog, more trips to the pond, Navin to stop bothering me while I try to sleep, and mommy and daddy allowing me to sleep every night with them. Just a reminder: if I bark at you it doesn’t mean I’m being bad: it means I’m doing my job and protecting, ill try not to bark (just don’t ring the doorbell).

P.S. can I say hello to the raindeer?
Love, Koda

Oh can I have more treats in my treat ball?

Koda’s First Night by Mommy

Ossian was getting older, and we knew we wanted another dog; a husky to be exact.  Daddy did most of the research and found three husky mix puppies up in Richmond, Indiana, but they were all getting adopted as soon as they were old enough to leave their mom.  The woman fostering them told us that their mother was up for adoption.  So we started going over the pros and cons, the foster mom sent a video and Daddy fell in love.


I was still on the fence about her.  Ossian’s my baby and I was unsure of how I could love another dog as much. But, we traveled up to see her.  She was shy, but very sweet.

We took her for a walk and she walked perfectly on a leash.  A few days later we decided to make it official and adopt her.  On a Friday, Daddy drove the three hours each way to pick her up after she got spayed.

photo0102 photo0099

I brought Ossian to the local park so they could meet on neutral territory.  Koda was not too impressed with Ossian (who was much younger but already bigger than she was).  Already, I was getting worried that this wouldn’t work.  We took them both home and let them out in the back yard to play.  Almost immediately they were running around and playing like they had knew each other forever.  I thought “It’s meant to be”

(Excuse the bad quality-this was before good camera phones)

My opinion soon changed that night.  She was absolutely CRAZY.  She was in her crate scratching, whining, and even pushed out the bottom of her cage TWICE.  I couldn’t sleep I was so upset.  I just knew we couldn’t deal with this craziness night after night.photo0116  The next morning we discussed taking her back…but Daddy wanted to give it the weekend.  By Monday things were normal, and Ossian and Koda were like two peas in a pod.  I now cannot imagine life without her, and I’m sure Ossian feels the same.



Ossian & Koda

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Ossian at the farmMy name is Ossian (full name – Ossian Moose Gibson)

I am a 6  year old St. Bernard.  I love being petted and getting all of the attention! My favorite humans are Mommy, Daddy, Nanny, and Momma Broady, or anyone else that lets me lean against them and will pet me.  My best friends are Koda (my Husky Mix sister) and Beanie, the apple of my eye whom literally gets all of my lovin’.  I love swimming, jumping off the dock, running around, and most of all taking naps.


Koda BellMy name is Koda (full name – Koda Nelhybel Gibson) 

I am a Husky Mix, almost 8 years old.  I love Daddy,Mommy, and specially Daddy. Wait, where’s Daddy?!?!? My favorite things to do are go swimming, steal Ossian’s toys, and bark at random sounds.  This is my house, and I WILL protect it! I also like to chase things, like bunny rabbits, groundhogs, cats, and birds.  Ossian may be bigger than me, but I’m in charge!