Dog Parks, Notes From Mom

Doggy Chiropractor

Did you know there was such a thing as a Doggy Chiropractor? Yes, there is! A veterinarian with chiropractic training can help treat dogs joint and back pain. When Koda was diagnosis in 2012 with IVDD (Intervetebral disk disease), I didn't know that there was such a thing as a dog chiropractor!  Although through some research… Continue reading Doggy Chiropractor

Product Reviews

SmartBones Calming Chews

SmartBones Calming Care Chicken Chews Dog Treats 16 pack       Just received this product today! Got it for Krazy Koda, as you know she is anxious all the damn time.  Thought well if I can't get her to take chews by herself, maybe a chewy bone would be great.   It was! She… Continue reading SmartBones Calming Chews

Koda, Local Loves

Woodford Wag

We attended the 7th annual Woodford Wag this morning.  This 5K Cross Country Race & 2k Dog Walk benefits the Woodford Humane Society.  This was our first time going, we had to get up early and that was ruff, but loved spending time with Sydney!   My cousin Sydney and I were in the "Pet… Continue reading Woodford Wag

Our Family

Happy Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving guessed it....Turkey!  We are thankful for turkey and thankful that our parents give us said  turkey.  What are you thankful for this Holiday? Some of the other wonderful things in our life we are thankful for: -Sleeping on the couch -Sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed -Traveling with Mom and Dad -Sniffing… Continue reading Happy Turkey Day

Dog Parks, Photos, Travel

Florida ROAD TRIP!

Our Big Road Trip truly started when we got to Florida!  We had so many places we wanted to sniff. Home of the Gators Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park Picnic Island Beach Dog Park Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg FL Freedom Lake Big Dog Park Check out awesome photos from our trip on Instragram  #theokroadtrip Fort De… Continue reading Florida ROAD TRIP!


When I grow up….

I wanna be a sled dog!

Koda, Ossian

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, I have been an excellent girl this year. I have protected the house from many different nosies. I have rid the yard of moles and groundhogs. I am always on my best behavior, I even graduated head of my class at BAC training class. Mom and I have really bonded this year! If… Continue reading Letters to Santa

Mommy & Daddy

Koda’s First Night by Mommy

Ossian was getting older, and we knew we wanted another dog; a husky to be exact.  Daddy did most of the research and found three husky mix puppies up in Richmond, Indiana, but they were all getting adopted as soon as they were old enough to leave their mom.  The woman fostering them told us that… Continue reading Koda’s First Night by Mommy