Ultimate Dog Park LIst

The OK Dog’s Ultimate Dog Park List

We are all about visiting dog parks!  We try to take a “dog park extravaganza” often and try to visit dog parks we have never been too.

Currently, we have visited

over 200  different dog parks

& we’re still going strong.
We update this page as we visit new ones, so come back!  You can check out the details of each dog park by clicking on the link.  Don’t forget to leave a comment about your favorite dog park!  One day we will find #American’sBestDogParks

Kentucky = 28

Top 5 Dog Parks In Kentucky
Sawyer Dog Park, Louisville, KY
Boone County Dog Park, Florence, KY
East Frankfort Bark Park, Frankfort, KY
Michael Kay Red Orchard Dog Park, Shelbyville, KY
Champions Dog Park, Louisville KY

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Kentucky


 Tennessee = 28

Top 5 Dog Parks In Tennessee
Concord Petsafe Dog Park, Knoxville, TN
Morristown Dog Park, Morristown, TN
Shelby Farms Dog Park, Memphis, TN
Tommy Schumpert Petsafe Dog Park, Knoxville TN
Maggies Bark Park, Franklin, TN

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Tennessee

 Ohio = 29

Top 5 Dog Parks In Ohio

  1. Wags Park, Cincinnati , OH
  2. Heritage Trail Dog Park, Columbus, OH
  3. Washington Dog Park, Cincinnati, OH
  4. Montgomery County Dog Park, Dayton, OH
  5. Alum Creek Dog Park, Columbus, OH

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Ohio

 North Carolina = 6

Our Favorite Dog Park In North Carolina
Jackson Park Dog Park, Hendersonville, NC

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in North Carolina

South Carolina = 10

Top 5 Dog Parks In South Carolina
James Island Dog Park, Charleston, SC
Conestee Dog Park, Greenville, SC
The Pavillion Dog Park, Taylors, SC
Simpsonville Dog Spot, Simpsonville, SC
Pelham Mill Dog Park, Greenville, SC

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in South Carolina

Florida = 15

Top 5 Dog Park In Florida
Dogwood Dog Park, Jacksonville, FL
Fort De Soto Dog Beach, St Petersburg, FL
Happy Tails Dog Park, Plantation, FL
Tropical Park Dog Park, Miami, FL
West Kendall Dog Park, Miami, FL

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Florida

Georgia = 20

Top 5 Dog Parks In Georgia
Newton Beneful Dream Dog Park, Johns Creek, GA
Macon Dog Park, Macon, GA
Canine Crossing, College Park, GA
Pinckneyville Dog Park, Norcross, GA
Woofstock Dog Park, Woodstock, GA

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Georgia

Alabama = 7

Top 3 Dog Parks In Alabama
Cahaba Beach Dog Park, Birmingham, AL
Alabaster Dream Dog Park, Alabaster, AL
Hannah Daye Ridling Bark Park, Montgomery, Al

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Alabama

Illinois = 5

Top 5 Dog Parks in Illinois

Wisconsin = 2


Top 5 Dog Parks In Minnesota
Battle Creek Off Leash Dog Park
Minnehaha Dog Park
Bloomington Dog Park
Alimagnet Dog Park
Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Minnesota

Indiana = 5

 Missouri = 10

Top 5 Dog Park in Missouri

Broemmelsiek Dog Park, Wentzville,MO
Grindstone Nature Off Leash Area, Columbia, MO
Cosmo Park Off Leash Area, Columbia, MO
Twin Lakes Dog Park, Columbia, MO
Garth Nature Area Dog Park, Columbia, MO


All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Minnesota

West Virginia = 7

  • Valley Park Dog Park, Hurricane WV -dog tunnels inspiration
  • Nitro Dog Park, Nitro, WV  -chicken house
  • Krepps Dog Park, Morgantown, WV -woodsey/rocks, cool
  • Joplin Dog Run, South Charleston,WV
  • Stanleys Spot Dog Park, Morgantown, WV
  • Fidos Backyard, Fairmont, WV
  • Clarksburg Dog Park, Clarksburg, WV

 Virginia = 21

Top 5 Dog Parks In Virginia
James Hunter Dog Park, Arlington VA
Glencarlyn Dog Park, Arlington, VA
Shilington Dog Park, Arlington, VA
Fort Bernard, Arlington, VA
Windmill Dog Park, Alexandria, VA

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Virginia

  • Windmill Dog Park, Alexandria, VA 
  • James Hunter Dog Park, Arlington, VA
  • Glencarlyn Dog Park, Arlington, VA
  • Fort Bernard, Arlington, VA
  • Shilington Dog Park, Arlington, VA
  • Crozet Dog Park, Crozet, VA
  • Forest Hill Presbyterian Church Dog Park, Richmond, Virginia
  • Dorey Dog Park, Henrico, VA
  • Short Pump Dog Park, Henrico, VA
  • Church Hill Dog Park, Richmond, VA
  • Barker Field Dog Park, Richmond, VA
  • Northside Dog Park, Richmond, VA
  • Stony Point Fashion Park Mall Dog Park, Richmond, VA
  • Bandy Field Dog Park, Richmond, VA
  • Hanover Co Dog Park, Hanover, VA
  • Salem Rotary Dog, Salem, VA
  • Highland Dog Park, Roanoke, VA
  • Thrasher Park, Roanoke, VA
  • Rockwood Dog Park, Richmond, VA
  • Lynchburg Dog Park, Lynchburg, VA
  • Ruff House Dog park, Richmond, VA

Maryland = 6

Top 3 Dog Parks In Maryland
Patterson Dog Park, Baltimore, ML
Locust Dog Park, Baltimore, ML
Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach, Pasadena, ML

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Maryland

  • Heurich Dog Park, Hyattsville, ML
  • Kent Island Dog Park,  Stevensville, ML
  • MataPeake Dog Beach, Stevensville, ML
  • Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach, Pasadena, ML
  • Locust Dog Park, Baltimore, ML
  • Patterson Dog Park, Baltimore, ML

Delaware = 2

Pennsylvania = 12

Top Dog Park In Pennsylvania
Beau’s Beneful Dream Dog Park, Lancaster, PA

  • Schuylkill Dog Park, Philadelphia, PA
  • Beau’s Beneful Dream Dog Park, Lancaster, PA
  • Jeager and friends dog park, Somerset, PA
  • Allen Township Dog Park, Northampton, PA
  • Macungie Dog Park, Macungie, PA
  • Monocacy Dog Park, Bethlehem, PA
  • Route 100 Off-Leash Dog Park, Fogelsville, PA
  • Cedar Creek Dog Park, Allentown, PA
  • Nazareth Dog Park, Nazareth, PA
  • Happy Tails Kohl Memorial Dog Park, Harrisburg, PA
  • Godfrey’s Welcome to Dogdom, Mohnton, PA
  • Bubba’s Happy Tails Dog Park, Shippensburg, PA

New Jersey = 8

Top Dog Park in New Jersey
Freedom Bark Dog Park, Medford, NJ

  • Timber Creek Dog Park, Blackwood, NJ
  • Longport Dog Beach, Somers Point, NJ
  • Freedom Bark Dog Park, Medford, NJ
  • Connelly Dog Park, Voorhees Township, NJ
  • Cameron Dog Park, Parsippany, NJ
  • Pennington Dog Park, Delanco, NJ
  • Swedes Run Dog Park, Moorestown, NJ
  • Gloucester County Dog Park, Logan Township, NJ


New York = 7

Dog Parks we’ve visited in New York

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 10.24.13 PM

Top 20 Dog Parks

Concord Dog Park, Knoxville, TN
Wags Park, Cincinnati, OH
Battle Creek Off Leash Dog Park
Newtown Dream Dog Park, Johns Creek, GA
Cahaba Beach Dog Park, Birimingham, AL
Minnehaha Dog Park
Brommelsiek Dog Park, St. Louis, MI
Grindstone Nature Off Leash Area, Columbia, MO
Macon Co. Dog Park, Macon, GA
James Island Dog Park, Charleston, SC
Bloomington Dog Park
Heritage Trails Dog Park, Columbus, OH
Lums Pond State Park, Bear, DE
Prairie Wolf Dog Park, Lake Forest, IL
Beau’s Beneful Dream Dog Park, Lancaster, PA
Alimagnet Dog Park
Viking County Dog Park, Stoughton, WI
Jackson Bark Park, Chicago, IL
Freedom Barks Dog Park, Medford, NJ
James Hunter Dog Park, Arlington VA

Screenshot 2018-07-16 at 7.54.37 PM

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WOL (Woof Out Loud)

Learn what we believe the Characteristics of a Dog Park are.


Nature of Park-
Open to-
Location of-
Human Comfort-


Parkgrounds Cafe & Dog Park

Type of Park: fenced off leash park with attached human cafe!

Location: 142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Maintenance: 8am-9pm daily

Membership: no membership required but you must purchase a beverage to use the park.


Separate Areas: One area for all dogs!

Surface: mainly dirt and some grass

Stimulating Activities: none

Cooling: large shade tree

Greenage: one doggy waste station in middle of park

Human Comfort: picnic tables and benches, along with dog free patio (where you can write or just chill and eat a grill cheese while watching your pooch play)


theOKdog’s Rating: 3 out 5 paws 

Very cool concept for a dog park.  I could see a lot of blogging getting done at this place!


Adair Dog Park


Type of Park: Fenced Off Leash Park

Location: W Ponce De Leon Ave and W Trinity Pl Decatur, GA 30030

Maintenance: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: no membership fee, but designed for the community members of Adair

Separate Areas: one area for all dogs

Surface: mainly dirt

Stimulating Activities: very woodsy

Cooling: lots of shade

Greenage: a few doggy waste stations

Human Comfort: a few picnic tables and benches

theOKdog’s Rating: 2 out 5 paws

Rabbit Hill Dog Park

Type of Park: Fenced off leash park

Location: 400 Rabbit Hill Rd, Dacula, GA 30019

Maintenance: dawn to dusk no lights

Membership: free to public

Separate Areas: yes, one small and one large dog area

Surface: Mostly sand some grass

Stimulating Activities: a few pieces of agility equitment

Cooling: some shade trees and water fountains in dog park

Greenage: doggy waste station at entrance of dog park

Human Comfort: a few benches and shade trees

theOKdog’s Rating: 2.5 out of 3

*it was super hot the day we went, but its a neat little park, just didn’t’ stay too long*


Why must I always do agility!

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Canine Crossing


Type of Park:  Fenced off leash park

Surface: Grass and gravel

Stimulating Activities: rock pit for climbing, two big tunnels

Cooling: Cute little dog house houses the water fountain for dogs, a few trees

Separate Areas: yes, one large, one small

Greenage: doggy waste station at entrance

Human Comfort: four benches and TWO SWINGs located inside park, along with a shelter with a bench located between large and small areas outside fenced area

Location: Fulton County Park 4951 Camp Dr, College Park, GA 30349

Maintenance: dawn to dusk, no lights but so close to the park tennis courts that have large night lights, that I’d say it would be well lit if people are playing tennis next door

Membership: free for the public


theOKdog’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paws

*suggest more shade!  But very nice size and flat so you can sit and SWING *the best ever* and watch your pups run*


Pinckneyville Dog Park

Type Of Park: fenced off leash park

Location: 4758 S Old Peachtree Rd, Norcross, GA 30071

Membership? Free to public

Separate Areas? Yes, small & all dog area

Maintance: dawn to dusk no lights

Surface Area: mainky grass and dirt

Stimulating Activities: wooded area and some agility equitment

Cooling: lots of shade, and water fountain inside dog park

Human Comfort: lots of benches and some picnic tables

The OK Dog’s Rating: 3 out 5 paws

*nice large area with lots of shade*

Top 10 Dog Parks


Concord Dog Park in Knoxville, TN – Our favorite dog park! This is a free, public park built by Petsafe, with several areas. There is enough grass, in addition to a woods area and the center being light gravel with lights. The best part is the swim area, fenced separately, with the best dock and plenty of other ways to enter, including a nice ramp. Our dogs love going here, and we make the trip to Knoxville multiple times per year.



Wags Park in Cincinnati, OH – This is a private park, but offers reasonably-priced day passes. All of the dogs are temperament tested before entering, which makes for no worry knowing all the dogs will behave (there are also staff members in the park to take care of any problems). Perfect size with 2 good-sized grass areas, a very nice man-made pond with a dock, and agility equipment. Also, there is a lot of seating, a bar on site, and a huge TV for owners to enjoy. Very nice and worth the price.


Beaus Dream Dog Park

Beau’s Dream Dog Park in Lancaster, PA– Really cool park designed by Beneful. All turf and 2 sides. It is the perfect size, with a water feature, a tennis ball launcher, and a walking bridge. Owners can enjoy it on the patio/deck area with wooden Adirondack chairs, under a shade structure. A very unique park that we highly recommend.



Newtown Dream Dog Park in Johns Creek, GA – We find ourselves in Atlanta once or twice each year and always make a trip to nearby Johns Creek for this park. This was also designed by Beneful, is mostly turf (also has a small woodsy area) and has a cool water feature, an arch bridge for the dogs with tunnels underneath, and a shaded picnic table area in the back. The park also has lights, so you can spend many hours there.


Dog Wood Park in Jacksonville, FL – A private dog park, again with a reasonable day pass. This place is huge! 25 fenced acres, with separate areas. One is a large area with some obstacles and a pond. Next is a wooded area, cool for hiking with the dogs off leash. There is also an agility area and a small dog area. So much to do here, and many areas for the dogs to explore.


Macon Dog Park in Macon, GA – A large grass park with a long creek to cool off, several bridges to cross, agility equipment, and lots of trees. Very well maintained and lots of fun.


James Island County Park Dog Park in Charleston, SC – This is a public dog park, but there is a small fee to enter the park. There is a large pond past a grass area. A great place to swim and easy entry for the dogs. There are also several seating options.


Heritage Trail Dog Park

Heritage Trail Dog Park in Hilliard, OH – Columbus is a very dog-friendly city, and this is our favorite park in the area. It is only 2 years old, and has a cool water feature, a shelter, and grass with a walking path through the first half of the park. The large side has 2 in-ground tunnels for dogs to go over or through.


broemmelsiek Dog park

Broemmelsiek Dog Park in Wentzville, MO – This park is near St. Louis, and the centerpiece is a good-sized pond with a dock. There is a large shelter near the entrance, light gravel to the pond, and grass for the dogs to run in another area.


Freedom Barks Dog Park in Medford, NJ – A huge park with several areas, separated by lines of trees. There are lots of creeks, agility equipment, and many very large areas for a game of chase or catch. The park is a long walk from the parking lot, but the dogs love it.

Woofstock Dog Park


Type Of Park: Fenced Off Leash Park

Location: 5051 Gann Store Rd.  Chattanooga, TN

Membership? Free to public

Separate Areas? Small & large areas

Maintance: dawn to dusk

Surface Area: Manly mulch

Stimulating Activities: agility equitment 

Cooling: some shade trees and doggy water fountain inside park

Human Comfort: picnic shelter with shade structure 
The OK Dog’s Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Paws

*love the agility equitment*

Piedmont Dog Park

Piedmont DOg Park


Type of Park: Fenced off leash

Surface Area: dirt

Enrichment Activities: rocks to jump on

Cooling: drinking fountain available

Separate Areas: yes small and large dog areas

Greenage: a few waste stations

Human Comfort: not much, bathrooms available between sections


Location:  a walk through the park.  No nearby parking, Street parking

Piedmont Park Map

Maintenance: dawn to dusk

Membership: free park 


the OK Dog’s Rating: 2 out of 5 paws


Macon Dog Park-GA

macon dog park

Adams St,   Macon, GA 31201
Type of Park: Public Off-Leash
Surface: Grass, dirt, sand & rocks
Stimulating Activities: Agility Course, small river, lots of trees
Cooling: Heavily shaded area, small river for cooling and drinking water fountain
Separate Area: none
Greenage: a few doggy bags and trash cans
Human Comfort: quiet a few benches, picnic shelter
Location: Near the Georgia/Florida line
Maintenance: no lights-open dawn to dusk
Membership: none
theOKdogs Rating: 5 out of 5 paws
*we love the bridge and creek, and the great agility course*
Loving the agility area