White Rock Lake Dog Park

Nature of park: fenced off leash park

Open to public

Location: 8000 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75218

Enrichment: water access

Areas: three: small dog, large dog, water access

Surface: grass, dirty, mud, pavement

Human comfort: a few benches

*water access is to the river, and was rolling pretty good when we were there.  Too much for the pups to swim.

TheOKdogs Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paws


NorthBark Dog Park

Nature of park: fenced off leash area

Open to public

Location: 4899 Gramercy Oaks Dr, Dallas, TX 75287

Enrichment: water access

Areas: three: small.dog, large dog, water park

Surface: grass, gravel, sand, dirt, mud, rocks

Human comfort: lots of large sitting rocks and some benches.


TheOKdogs Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paws

Joe Station Dog Park


Nature of park: fenced off leash park

Open to public

Location: 2279 Charles Page Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74127

Enrichment: none

Areas: two: small dog and large dog areas

Surface: grass and dirt

Human comfort: quiet a few benches and picnic tables


TheOKdogs Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paws




Shawnee Mission Dog Park

Nature of Park– Fenced off leash park
Open to– Public
Location of– Shawnee, Kansas
Enrichment-water for swimming
Areas-one area, has about 44 acres
Surfaces– dirt, grass, concrete
Human Comfort-a few benches spaced out


theOKdog’s Rating: 4 out of 5 PAWS


We were very excited this was our 250th dog park that we visited!!

Blue Springs Dog Park

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Nature of Park: Fenced off leash park

Open to Public

Location: Blue Springs MO, easy parking right next to park

Enrichment: Agility equipment, water for swimming and wooded area, the triple threat!

Areas: No small dog area, but pond area is fenced off incase you don’t want your pup to get dirty.

Surfaces: sand, dirt, grass, mulch

Human comfort: lots of shade trees, a few benches in the agility area

TheOKDog’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paws

Fultondale dog park

Type of Park: Fenced off leash park

Location: 2398 Stouts Rd, Fultondale, AL

Maintenance: 5am-10pm

Membership: free to public

Separate Areas: small dog area and large area

Surface: Grass & Dirt

Stimulating Activities: few agility equitment

Cooling: shade trees and water fountains in dog park

Greenage: doggy waste station at entrance of dog park

Human Comfort: a few benches and shade trees

theOKdog’s Rating: 3 out of 5 paws

Concord Dog Park


10909 S Northshore Dr. Knoxville, TN







Type of Park: Public Off-Leash Dog Park

Surface Area: Grass, concrete walking area, gravel and large rocks.

Stimulating Activities: Lake access & dock, and wooded area.

Cooling: lake access gives plenty of water to drink, also a water fountain inside the park, large wooded area, a small shelter and lots of trees.

Separate Areas: Yes- Large and Small (under 30lbs) areas and the lake access is also in a different fenced area, in case you don’t want your pup to get wet.

Greenage: four or five waste bag and trash stations throughout the park (you don’t have to walk far to get a bag or deposit one)

Human Comfort: small covered shelter with a few benches & benches throughout the park.  Men and women built in bathrooms right outside of dog park entrance.

Location:  Knoxville TN “top dog friendly place we’ve visited” Open Dawn to Dusk (no lights)

Membership: none. Sponsored by Petsafe Company

TheOKdogs Rating: 5 paws out of 5 OUR FAVORITE OF ALL!

Jumping off the Dock at Concord Dog Park

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Knoxville, TN

Ohio Dog Parks

Ohio = 28

Top 5 Dog Parks In Ohio

  1. Wags Park, Cincinnati , OH
  2. Heritage Trail Dog Park, Columbus, OH
  3. Washington Dog Park, Cincinnati, OH
  4. Montgomery County Dog Park, Dayton, OH- huge hill, agility area
  5. Alum Creek Dog Park, Columbus, OH

All Dog Parks We’ve Played at in Ohio

Characteristics of a Dog Park


One of our favorite things to do is travel to different states and dog parks. So far we’ve visited over 250 dog parks!  We have learned so much about what a great dog park looks like, we have a TOP 20 LIST based on how we rate the Characteristics of a Dog Park 


Characteristics of a Dog Park

using the NO LEASH acronym



Nature of Park– Type of Park, On leash/off leash area, fenced or not fenced
Open to– Public or Fee/Private
Location of– Address, parking ease, ability to get in and out, ease to fine
Enrichment-Agility equipment, water for swimming, wooded area
Areas-large/small, acreage
Surfaces– Type of surface- sand, turf, grass, dirt, pebbles
Human Comfort- bathrooms, seating area, shade



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