Favorite Facebook Group

Facebook has some great dog groups! In this post I'm going to share some of my favorite groups!         One of my absolute favorite groups is called DOG SNOBS CHAT You have to fill out a questionnaire to join and thick skin.  Members are abrasive so you have to be careful what… Continue reading Favorite Facebook Group


When your cat thinks it a dog

Syra our youngest cat believes she is a dog.  She grew up with both dogs, two other cats and two bunnies, but she has decided to be a dog.... maybe she is having an identity crisis.  When she takes a has to be next to someone...most of the time one of the pups And… Continue reading When your cat thinks it a dog

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Dog Wood Park Dog Park

7407 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256             Type of Park: Membership Dog Park Surface Area: 25 Acres-Grass & Dirt Stimulating Activities: Pond, wooded area, agility, tires and tunnels Cooling: pond give plenty of water to drink, a few water fountains inside the park, large wooded area, and lots of trees Separate… Continue reading Dog Wood Park Dog Park

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Pet Friendly Cabins: Fauna Lodge

Every Christmas we like to spend some time just us.  Me, Mom, Dad and Koda. The last three years we've traveled to Ellijay, GA and stayed at different Pet Friendly Cabins.   This year we stayed at Fauna Lodge, one of the many pet friendly cabins Sliding Rock Cabin Rentals rents.       Pros:… Continue reading Pet Friendly Cabins: Fauna Lodge


New Website! Pet Video Verify dot com!

I have to say when I first heard about  I was a bit confused...a video verification for lost pets?  Sounds interesting but both our pups have microchips!  But after checking the site and reading more about it, it made me super excited for the website's future.  It is still a fairly new website and… Continue reading New Website! Pet Video Verify dot com!

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Characteristics of a Dog Park

We travel a lot and one of our favorite things to do while traveling is seeing the different dog parks.  We have learned the Characteristics of a Dog Park which we will discuss below, these will help you understand how we rate dog parks (which we will be discussing in a later post!)*be sure to check… Continue reading Characteristics of a Dog Park

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On the Road (Road Trip Essentials)

Early Friday morning Mom and Dad woke us up...well they didn't really wake us up, we were already excited and knew that from the bags that had been packed for a week we were in for a treat!! We jumped in the car, with quite a few suitcases and headed off! Here are some funny… Continue reading On the Road (Road Trip Essentials)


When I grow up….

I wanna be a sled dog!


Duck Hunting by Koda

We went to a bunch of parks this weekend on a LONG drive.  They were all fun, and Ossian loves peeing in new places.  My favorite place was a park with a lot of water (Big Walnut Dog Park in Columbus, OH).  We went in the dark and there were other dogs there to run… Continue reading Duck Hunting by Koda


Dog Day At The Beach by Koda

I love VIENNA SAUSAGE! Yeah, I went swimming and played with other dogs, but the BEST part of the day was Vienna sausage.  These two women I normally would not have paid attention to gave me the best stuff ever.  I had to keep going over there to get more Vienna sausages.  Momma and Daddy… Continue reading Dog Day At The Beach by Koda