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Raw Niblets

If you follow us on Instagram, it's possible you have seen all the many dog puzzles and treat balls we have.  Mom believes to make us smarter we must use our heads!  (not to bust down gates-OSSIAN!)   Our friends at Only Natural Pet sent us a big bag of their RawNibs!  These Freeze Dried… Continue reading Raw Niblets

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Yummy Treats by Full Moon

We were so excited today when we got a box of FullMoon treats!  FOUR different kinds!  How awesome is that?!?! So what is FullMoon treats:  Full Moon Treats is a family owned company that started in 2011.  Made only in the USA, using REAL food and packaged just right for us.  Mom is a stickler… Continue reading Yummy Treats by Full Moon

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Mr. Chewy Bones and Treats by Ossian

This big thing (a box from Mr. Chewy) came today and sat outside until Daddy brought it in.  When he opened the door with it, I smelled something GOOD.  Mommy opened the box, and I was IN.  Bones, bones, treats, and bones.  Gimme, gimme, gimme!  My favorite thing is to chew on bones (and my… Continue reading Mr. Chewy Bones and Treats by Ossian