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Currently we have visited over 185 different dog parks.

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Duck Farms Dog Park

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSbkvLVBw17/?taken-by=theokdogs   Nature of Park: Fenced off leash Open to Public: Should have permit to access: more info here: http://www.lcfpd.org/dog-parks/duck-farm/ Location: Entrance is on Grand Avenue (Route 132), east of Route 83 in Lake Villa Enrichment: Wide open space 48 acres with lots of woods and a small creek Area: One large area Surface: grass, gravel and… Continue reading Duck Farms Dog Park

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Characteristics of a Dog Park

We travel a lot and one of our favorite things to do while traveling is seeing the different dog parks.  We have learned the Characteristics of a Dog Park which we will discuss below, these will help you understand how we rate dog parks (which we will be discussing in a later post!)*be sure to check… Continue reading Characteristics of a Dog Park