Jackson Bark Park


Nature of Park: Fenced Concrete off leash park

Open to: Public must have permit to access park  Only $10 per dog and you have access to all chicago parks.  Easy to get a permit here

Location: 6000 S Lake Shore Dr  Chicago, Illinois

Enrichment: TONS of agility and parkour equipment!  All themed and recycled construction and road work equipment. So COOL!  Plus a nose work area.



Areas: one big area, but there is a Quarantine area, i.e. cool off area for pups


Surface: concrete (looks to be an old tennis court turned dog park!


Human Comfort: a few benches. but who would want to sit when there are so many things to get your dog to climb on.


**If you are into dog parkour this is the park for you!  Help build your dogs confidence**

the ok dogs rate dog parks
4.5 out of 5 Paws

Harrison Dog Park

Nature of park:  fenced off leash

Open to community 

Location: 300 George Street, Harrison Ohio

Enrichment: n/a

Areas: one area for all dogs

Surfaces: grass and dirt.  Love that there is a concrete pad at entrance to keep cleaner

Human comfort: 5 benches places through out park, doggie wast stations inside park, water fountain for human and dog inside park.  Not much shade

#sbdpp. Spring Break Dog Park Pawlooza 

Timber Creek Dog Park



Nature of Park: Fenced off leash
Open to Public
Location: Blackwood, New Jersey
Enrichment: Lots of woods (Off leash non fenced area -has pond near by)
Area: one fully fenced park, and one side with a pond-non fenced
Surface: Dirt, gravel, grass, mulch
Human Comfort: none


4 out 5 Paws

Brookhaven Park


This little gem of a place is great for playing fetch or enjoying a nice stroll through the park.  Although not technically a dog park, locals use it as an off leash park.  This old park has been run down, but luckily for us dog lovers its perfect for us.   Playgrounds, lots of trails, and a small creek makes this a perfect place for an afternoon wind down, or a Saturday morning gathering!

4158 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30319


*Be aware that this place could have changed since our trip in Oct 2016-be aware of leash laws!*


Barker Field Dog Park

  • 6 or so picnic tables some with covers
  • a few benches
  • lots of doggy bags, trash can located at entrance.
  • Two sides, one small, one all dog.
  • Doggie water fountain inside dog park.
  • Lots of Parking

Nice people.  Busy even for cold day.

2.5 out of 5 Paws

FYI: Dogs are not allowed in other parks of Barker Park only the dog park.

A Church Dog Park

In the middle of the small community of Forest Hill lies a true gem, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church.  Established in 1924, when Richmond was in need of a Presbyterian church, eight charter members began meeting in a local elementary school.  In 1946, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church relocated and still stands at the corner of Forest Hill Ave and 44th Street in Richmond, Virginia.

Although we traveled through Richmond during the week, and wasn’t able to attend Sunday service, we stopped for a walk around their small campus.  Between the beautiful building and the very touching labryinth garden, this church also decide to dedicate part of its land to the pups of the community.

Phideaux Field is a small fenced area for pups to socialize off leash.  Forest Hill Presbyterian Church build the dog park for the community to give pets a place to excise while their humans get to know each other and build a stronger community.

What an amazing little church.  

With such strong community values this church deserves around of barks!  Thank you for caring for the pet lovers in your community!

If you live in or around Richmond, Virginia; we encourage you to check out Forest Hill Presbyterian Church!



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Chattanooga Chew Chew Dog Park

wp-1476390442582.jpgType Of Park: Fenced Off Leash

Location: 1801 Carter St, Chattanooga, TN 37408 *next to stadium*

Maintenance: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: Free to Public

Separate Areas: Yes Small/Large

Stimulating Activities:  the skate park is right next to is, so lots of people to bark at, a few agility equipment

Cooling: Water Fountain inside park

Greenage: a doggy waste station located at entrance

Human Comfort: a few benches

The OK Dog’s Rating: 1.5 out of 5 Paws

Otto Armleder Dog Park


Type of Park: Fenced off leash park

Location: 5057 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH

Maintenance: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: Free to public

Separate Areas: Small dog area and large dog area

Surface Area: Grass

Stimulating Activities: none really

Cooling: Lots of shade trees and water fountain located inside dog park

Greenage: Waste station located at entrance

Human Comfort: a few bench

The OK Dog’s Rating: 3 out 5 Paws

Very popular and lots of shade!

Newport Dog Park


Type of Park: Fenced off Leash

Location: Between Ader Alley & E 4th Street in Newport Kentucky

Maintenance: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: Free to public

Separate Areas: just one area for all dogs

Surface Area: Grass & dirt

Stimulating Activities:  Dog have a small forestry area that is great for the sniffer

Cooling: A few shade trees and water fountain located inside park

Greenage: Waste station located at entrance

Human Comfort: A few benches

the OK Dog’s Rating: 1.5 out 5 paws


*its nice for the local that live there to have a dog park with in walking distance*

William A Pitts Dog Park

The dog park is jumpin jumpin

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Type of Park: Fenced Off Leash Park

Location: 299 Tusculum Rd Antioch, TN 37013

Maintenance: dawn to dusk

Membership: free to public

Separate Areas: one area for all

Surface: Grass

Stimulating Activities: none

Cooling: doggy fountain inside park and shade trees

Greenage: doggy waste station at entrance of dog park

Human Comfort: a few benches and a nice concrete walkway and lots of shade trees

theOKdog’s Rating: 3 out of 5 paws

*park seems to be very popular with locals*