Gift Ideas

15 Gifts For Saint Bernard Lovers

Wearable Gifts Saint Bernard Shoes!         Saint Bernard Necklace           Saint Bernard Tank Top             Saint Bernard Nail Art               Saint Bernard Ear Rings             Saint Bernard PJs        … Continue reading 15 Gifts For Saint Bernard Lovers

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Our Bucket List

  Have a photo taken with a Celebrity Go for a boat ride Find a pet friendly bar Take a pet-friendly tour of our city Go Camping Go on a road trip across the country Check out the ocean Go to a concert Play in the rain Play in the snow Hike a Mountain Get… Continue reading Our Bucket List

Dog Parks

Characteristics of a Dog Park

We travel a lot and one of our favorite things to do while traveling is seeing the different dog parks.  We have learned the Characteristics of a Dog Park which we will discuss below, these will help you understand how we rate dog parks (which we will be discussing in a later post!)*be sure to check… Continue reading Characteristics of a Dog Park