Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Today we visited our first so called cave!  It is called Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.  The rock bridge was created by the collapse of a section of a cave which resulted in a small arch of rock being left to form a natural bridge over the creek.

Enjoy some of the beautiful pictures



















Dog Friendly Places You Need to Visit!

  • Pet Art Exhibit in London: This is the world’s first art exhibit for dogs.  Not only does it have art work for dogs but it is designed to visually please and is hung at dog eye level!  It also has interactive art like a giant dog bowl filled with balls!  Here’s hoping it makes it way to the states!
  • Camp Dogwood: We were lucky enough to spend a weekend at Camp Dogwood for their Winter Un-Camp.  Winter Un-Camp is one of three different camps they offer.  A weekend full of fun dog friendly activities and seminars.  Plus fun with like minded people.  Why not take a vacation with your pup!!!
  • Lancaster Dog Park:   You seariously gotta see this to believe this.  Lancaster Dog Park now known as Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park was the winner of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Makeover.  It received 500,000 to redesign the dog park, and the COOLEST among coolest things…the Ball Throwing Tree.  Yes you heard that.  They designed a tree to throw balls for the pups.  If you’re ever near Lancaster Pennsylvania check it out.
  • Purina Pawsway:  An interactive, entertaining museum for you and your pup located in Toronto, Canada.  This places holds tons of exciting events and activities and admission is always free.
  • Purina Farms: Located outside of the beautiful St. Louis is a place called Purina Farms.  This unique place holds tons of dog shows and trials, tons of dog friendly events.  You need to explore Purina Farms!
  • Petsmart Patio at Chase Field: We all know Petsmart the huge pet store, but they now have a pet friendly patio at Chase Field home of  the Arizona Diamondbacks.  During the summer they hold “Dog Days of Summer” where you can take your pup out to the ball game, sit in dog friendly seating and dog friendly concessions.  There is also an indoor (air conditioned) and outdoor dog park to socialize with friends.
  • Parkground Cafe: Located in Atlanta, Georgia is this adorable gem some just drive by and don’t realize this little coffee shop had their own fenced dog park!  Enjoy some coffee and let your pup have some fun with friends.
  • Tailwags Playground: Located in Columbus, Ohio is this new indoor dog park.  Still in the works is their own dog friendly cafe as well.  Free wifi allows you come by with your pup and read a book or work on homework.  They offer tons of different events as well. In town check them out!  Fingers cross Lexington gets one soon!  Perfect for rainy or cold days!
  • Captain Mikes Dolphin Tour: Take a “3 hour tour”(bad joke).  Why not take your boat trip with your pup to see dolphins!  I know my pups would love to meet a dolphin!  Captain Mikes Dolphin tours are pet friendly!
  • Dog Bark Inn: A bed and breakfast in a BIG BEAGLE!  Thats right, a giant building built to look like a beagle and a beagle pup is available to rent between April and October.
  • Fort DeSoto Beach: One of the top 10 dog beaches in the USA.  Enjoy a lazy day at the beach where you pup can run off leash and enjoy  swimming in the gulf!



Be sure to save this link and come back.  We are always adding to the list!


Have you been to any of these?  Do you have some to add to the list.  Please let us know!





Our Bucket List



  1. Have a photo taken with a Celebrity
  2. Go for a boat ride
  3. Find a pet friendly bar
  4. Take a pet-friendly tour of our city
  5. Go Camping
  6. Go on a road trip across the country
  7. Check out the ocean
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Play in the rain
  10. Play in the snow
  11. Hike a Mountain
  12. Get certified as a Canine Good Citizen
  13. Star in a commercial
  14. Start a dog friendly business
  15. Visit the mostly friendliest cities in America
  16. Have a sculpture done of us
  17. Learn a unique trick
  18. Attend a dog camp    Camp Dogwood
  19. Receive a ribbon for a competition
  20. Meet a monkey
  21. Write a book
  22. Start a blog (hehe)
  23. Visit all the dog parks in our state
  24. Have a birthday party
  25. Become therapy dogs
  26. Go to the zoo
  27. Watch a movie at a drive in theater
  28. Swim in a pool
  29. Have our own facebook page
  30. Ride in a convertible
  31. Get a Doggy Massage
  32. Go on a doggy cruise
  33. Ride first class on an airplane
  34. Go to an amusement/theme park
  35. Get over 1,000 followers on Instagram
  36. Swim with Dolphins
  37. See a Pet Psychic
  38. Compete in an agility competition
  39. Compete in a Badass dash K9 Competition
  40. Go dog sledding
  41.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
  42. Jump on a trampoline
  43. Hike a snowy mtn
  44. Have a fire hydrant named after us
  45. Go whale watching
  46. Have professional photos done
  47. Compete in a “Barn Hunt” competition
  48. Travel Overseas
  49. Visit an orchard
  50. Meet Betty White


See the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Attend Purina’s #Betterwithpets Summit

Go on the Breaking Bad trolley tour

Woofstock in Canada



Have some other cool things we should add to our bucket list???? Comment below!

Pet Friendly Cabins: Lakeside Cottage

Lakeside Cottage (Sliding Rock Cabins)

Lakeside Cottage.jpgPros:

  • Large Fenced-in area
  • Outside Fire pit
  • Good Size Cabin
  • Pool Table


  • Hot Tub not covered
  • No cable or satellite
  • Looks more like beach house than cabin
  • Not available anymore





Florida ROAD TRIP!

Our Big Road Trip truly started when we got to Florida!  We had so many places we wanted to sniff.


Home of the Gators

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Picnic Island Beach Dog Park

Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg FL

Freedom Lake Big Dog Park

Check out awesome photos from our trip on Instragram  #theokroadtrip

Fort De Soto Paw Playground

See our post about the awesome beach!












Twas the Night Before Vacation!

Twas the night before Vacation, when all through the house

All creatures were stirring including the mouse! (Hamster)

The suitcases was zipped and car tightly packed

in hopes that tomorrow we wouldn’t react

The Pups (that’s us) was not ready to sleep

and Mommy and Daddy were wishing we hadn’t peaked

Our leashes were hung but our bags were gone

we knew that the time had….OH No my kong!

We are ready for this trip we just can’t wait

til 9am tomorrow its gonna be great!

Summer Vacation Planning!

Mom and Dad have been planning our summer vacation.  Here’s what they got so far….but they need help!   Comment below and let us know if you’ve visited before and what you enjoyed doing???


Saturday June 20th we will leave!

We will be spending at lest one night in the following cities!  (help us find cool and fun things to do!)

Atlanta GA

Gainesville FL

Fort Myers FL

Miami FL

Jacksonville FL

Savannah GA

Charleston SC

Greenville SC

Smokey Mtns TN

Knoxville TN

Home on July 3rd