White Bear Lake Dog Beach


Nature of Park: non fenced dog beach

Open to public

Location: 4842 Lake Ave, White Bear, MN, US, 55110

Enrichment: water

Areas: one small beach area, dog must be under voice control

Surface: sand and water

Human Comforts: none


Montrose Dog Beach

Nature of Park: Semi Fenced off leash beach

Open to public, must have permit to access park  Only $10 per dog and you have access to all chicago parks.  Easy to get a permit here

Location: Montrose & Simonds Drive

Enrichment: Beach!  Of course we believe that is enrichment!

Areas: one are for all dogs!

Surface: Sand

Human Comfort: not much, only one bench.


the ok dogs rate dog parks
3 out of 5 Paws


Longport Dog Beach



Nature of Park: non fenced off leash dog beach
Open to the public
Location: Somers Point, New Jersey
Enrichment: Beach/Water
Area: One area
Surface: Sand
Human Comfort: none, bring a chair or blanket


3 out 5 Paws


Downs Memorial Dog Park

wp-1487813608684.jpg                              wp-1487813647288.jpg


Nature of Park: 1/2 fenced dog beach (non fenced in back-that leads to a very nasty pond)
Open to public
Location: Pasadena, ML
Enrichment: Large Rocks & Beach/Water
Surface: Sand, rocks and grass
Human Comfort: Bring a chair or blanket



3.5 out of 5 Paws

MataPeake Dog



Nature of park: Non-fenced off leash beach
Open to public
Location: Stevensville, IL   (i.e. Chesapeake Bay)
Enrichment: Beach/Water
Area: One area
Surface: Sand & Rock
Human Comfort: Bring a chair or a blanket (if your there on a windy day…be prepare to fly                                   away)



3.5 out of 5 PAWS

Picnic Island Dog Park

Picnic Island

7409 Picnic Island Blvd, Tampa, FL 33616

Type of Park: Semi fenced off leash beach

Surface Area: sand and water

Enrichment Activities: the BEACH!  located Old Tampa Bay, half salt and half fresh. Be mindful if your dog is drinking too much bay water

Cooling: a few shade trees and of course the water! Water station available for drinking and for washing pup before leaving

Separate Areas: no

Greenage: no doggy bags…bring your own, and one trash can at the entrance

Human Comfort: a few picnic tables and benches

Location: a bit of the drive behind a bunch of factory, can be a bit hard to find, needs more parking.

Maintenance: open dawn to dusk

Membership: Free to public

the OK Dog’s Rating: 4 out of 5 paws

Dog Day At The Beach by Koda

I love VIENNA SAUSAGE! Yeah, I went swimming and played with other dogs, but the BEST part of the day was Vienna sausage.  These two women I normally would not have paid attention to gave me the best stuff ever.  I had to keep going over there to get more Vienna sausages.  Momma and Daddy probably got mad that I kept sneaking off, but have they tried this stuff??? WHY DON’T I GET THAT MORE OFTEN? Swimming and chasing dogs was fun too, but two words: Vienna sausage.


Dog Day At The Beach by Ossian

Today, we rode in the car a long time.  Mommy and Daddy got breakfast and I got some! Me like sausage biscuit! We went to this place (“The Beach” waterpark in Cincinnati) and got to swim in the big pool with LOTS of dogs.  I love water, I love swimming, I don’t like dogs bigger than me who think they can take me.  If I see one, I’m getting’ him! Sometimes, it doesn’t work out too well….let’s just say I’m not messing with that Great Dane again.

What I don’t like is Mommy and Daddy eating lunch right in front of me.  I need food, too! I swam, then went back to Mommy’s beach chair, took a nap, swam, took a nap, and slept all the way home.  Fun, fun day!




* Mommy and Daddy’s note: People that do not want their dogs to interact with other dogs should NOT bring their dogs to a place for such purposes.  One lady got mad that Ossian came up and sniffed her dogs (he was not aggressive AT ALL) and pushed him away. My dogs are well-behaved, socialized, and can be out in public.  If you don’t think yours can, then leave your dogs at home, and please stay there with them! Some people just don’t get it!