Stephens Lake Park

Stephens Lake Park is a large park with a lakefront boardwalk & free WiFi.

We spent a very relaxing afternoon here:

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Indian Hills Dog Park


Nature of park: Public off leash park
Open to public
Location: Columbia MO
Enrichment: None
Areas: One area for all dogs
Surface: grass and dirt
Human Comfort: one picnic tablewp-1487621072584.jpg



1 out of 5 Paws


Grindstone Nature Area

Day two in Columbia, Missouri was a great day:

We explored Grindstone Nature Area.  This park allows dogs off leash on almost 200 acres.  You and your pup are able to explore woods, fields, Grindstone creek, and enjoy the beauty of nature with NO LEASHES!!!!  The only rule is to keep your dog on leash when near the main trails.

This place was beyond beautiful and with the awesome 75 degree weather made it a wonderful afternoon to explore nature, since we don’t do that much in Lexington.

Nature of park: None fence, public park off leash area
Open to the public
Location: Columbia MO
Enrichment: Nature, Water, Woods
Areas: One large area for all over 200 acres
Surface: All kinds of surfaces, rock, sand, grass, dirt
Human Comfort: Wear comfy shoes, a few benches but most of the time you’ll be hiking and enjoy the creek with your pup.


Here are some of our favorite pictures from today.

wp-1487553938939.jpg wp-1487553940433.jpg