Underwater Dogs The Movie???

Seth Casteel is Barkworld2016 first Keynote speaker! He is a pet photographer that became famous with his project "Underwater Dogs" Originally from Illinois and moved to California and got a job in advertising media.  Then he met some cats. Some baby cats.   They were feral studio cats.  Of course they were well taken care… Continue reading Underwater Dogs The Movie???

Notes From Mom

Barkworld or Bust

In 2010 we attended the first ever BarkWorld Pet Expo founded by Denise Quashie. What is BarkWorld? "BarkWorld Expo is a social media event for pet owners that use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media applications for their pets. It’s also for those pet owners that are either on the fence about social media or… Continue reading Barkworld or Bust

Mommy & Daddy

Barkworld 2013

Barkworld 2013 is in the books.  This was our 3rd time going in the 4 years of its existence.  Lots of SWAG, good info, and good times.  Ossian and Koda loved daycare!  (Ossian definitely put the “Bark” in Barkworld… he was very talkative during daycare.  Best Friends Pet Care does such an awesome job! They… Continue reading Barkworld 2013