300 Dog Parks & Counting

ūüí•ūüéČNUMBER 300ūüéČūüí•

We just visited our ūüíę300th dog park.

Over the past 10 years we’ve visited
23 states
75 dog friendly hotels
300 dog park

Ossian & Koda love exploring, and it’s even better when there is

NO LEASH involved.


In 2010 we attended the first #barkworld conference and learned that dogs can have their own #blogs. So the blog- theokdogblog was born.

We began sharing pictures and rating on all the dog parks we visited. We realized we loved planning trips to cities that had lots of dog friendly off leash parks. So began our mission to visit 100 dog parks, we hit that easy…the next goal was 250. And this past year we decided we wanted to try and hit 300 dog parks before the pups were too old to #travel or enjoy.
We are excited to say our 10 year old #Saint and 11 year old #Husky have reached the goal of 300 dog parks. We are not done yet. We still have three days left of our texas road trip and there are more on our list to visit.
I am very proud of what our #family has accomplished. I believe our #pups have enjoy ever #trip we’ve ever taken. I am thankful that we are able to give our pups the #luxury to travel and #explore.

Underwater Dogs The Movie???

Seth Casteel is Barkworld2016 first Keynote speaker!

He is a pet photographer that became famous with his project “Underwater Dogs”

Originally from Illinois and moved to California and got a job in advertising media. ¬†Then he met some cats. Some baby cats. ¬† They were feral studio cats. ¬†Of course they were well taken care of, so they told there other cats and more and more came to live at the studio. ¬†So Seth got involved and started taking pictures to get them to get them adopted. ¬†They sent an email blast to all Sony’s Employees. ¬† ¬†24 hours later…ALL kittens got adopted.

Yes kittens get adopted….but it was a positive message. ¬†The pictures were everywhere.

So then he thought about the local shelter to do the same thing.

Before Picture:


New Picture:


Doing this pressed him to created the program: “One Picture Saves a Life”

This is how Seth got his start in photography.

He started volunteering for shelters, then started teaching workshops.  Then one person asked him if they could hire him to take pictures of there dogs.  This started his career.  He never thought he would be a pet photographer it just happened.


So how did “Underwater Dogs” start. ¬†Seth took a job as a freelance photographer for Groupon. ¬†He would travel to different clients house to take picture and then one day he met Buster. ¬†While they were taking pictures Buster decided to jump in the pool. ¬†The mom wasn’t happy, but Seth decided to run to a local store and grabbed a cheap pink underwater camera and came back. ¬†Buster ¬†continued to jump in the pool….and then this happened. ¬†It was all Buster’s Idea! ¬†Underwater Dogs!


How did it go viral.  Someone grabbed it off his site and posted it on reddit.  And it took off, social media took it-media took it-and it became a frenzy.

What was next:  Underwater PUPPIES!!!!!!   *of course they gave lots of swimming lessons*

What’s next for Seth Casteel?

New book: Pounce!  Raises awareness bout cats, declaw, playing with them and more.  Releases on Tuesday Oct. 18th! Buy it on Amazon

A new show called Finding Fido, where he helps people interested in adopting a new pup find the perfect one.  A doggy matchmaker-like house hunters for dogs!


What to take away from Seth’s Keynote:

  • When taking pictures of Dogs-Do what the dogs want to do-follow them along-see their story!
  • Positivity Wins
  • What is it that you’re trying to say?
  • What is it that you are trying to achieve?
    • Create inspiration instead of fear (referring to ASPCA commercials)
  • Whats the biggest achievement I could have…….turn those wheels-WHAT IS THE BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT You could do!

-For Seth: his biggest achievement/idea would be an Underwater Dogs The Movie!  Seriously I wanna see that now!  I hope this happens!




Thank you Seth for an excellent Keynote!  So inspirational!



Barkworld or Bust

In 2010 we attended the first ever BarkWorld Pet Expo founded by Denise Quashie.

What is BarkWorld?

“BarkWorld Expo is a social media event for pet owners that use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media applications for their pets. It‚Äôs also for those pet owners that are either on the fence about social media or just interested in perusing an expo hall full of products and services for their pet. BarkWorld Expo will provide an avenue for the Social Media anipal beginners, experts, and the curious as well as an arrangement of pet vendors.”

2011 BarkWorld moved up in the world and was held at the impressive Lowes Hotel.  Our pups went with us this year as they had Best Friends Pet Care hosted a Doggy Daycare (with an ice sculpture) They had fun while we were able to attend interesting and educational sessions.  Paige & Jasmine showed us how to make our youtube channel a success, and we met Victoria Stilwell. BringFido & Dogtipper were also in attendance.

2012 we didn’t make it this year :-*(

2013 Best Friends Pet Care hosted the Doggy Daycare again this year! Petco was a platinum sponsor and showed us their new Star Wars collection. Ossian got his picture with Darth Vader.  BarkWorld bingo was introduced!

2014 We attended K9 fit club, we learned about Pack.com, and there was also a doggie treat bar.

2015 We did Doga and met with the Blue Collar Project, we met our friends Katie & Gracie, Dogs of Instagram & Gus Kenworthy.  Kuddly was introduced which is one of our all time favorite apps!

2016…What will this year hold…



Barkworld 2013

Barkworld 2013 is in the books.¬† This was our 3rd time going in the 4 years of its existence.¬† Lots of SWAG, good info, and good times.¬† Ossian and Koda loved daycare!¬† (Ossian definitely put the ‚ÄúBark‚ÄĚ in Barkworld‚Ķ he was very talkative during daycare.¬† Best Friends Pet Care does such an awesome job! They need one in Lexington!¬† We were glad to hear Victoria Stilwell again, as well as many other speakers.¬† We are already looking forward to next year!

On the long way home Sunday, we stopped at Newtown Dream Dog Park and Chattapoochie Dog Park in Georgia.  Newtown Dream was very cool.  They have Astroturf instead of grass, which is much less messy, and Ossian loved the fountain pad. There were also several big dogs there, NONE of which Ossian went after! (He probably would have lost the battle with the Irish Wolfhound that dwarfed him).  Chattapoochie was half closed, but still a decent park with fountains.  The dogs slept most of the way home, except for our stop at Petco to spend our gift cards.  The dogs will need a few days to recuperate (as will Mommy and I), but we all enjoyed ourselves!

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