Berger Park

This was the Barking Park near Atlanta when we went.  It was dusk but there was lots of pups and people, everyone was super nice.  It wasn’t to much of a dog park, it had two sides a small and a large.   No benches but did have a doggy water found.  It was big enough to play some frisbee or ball, and had a few trees.  But from our trip, it was one of the most popular parks we had visited in the Atlanta area.


3 out of 4 paws!


Parkgrounds Cafe & Dog Park

Type of Park: fenced off leash park with attached human cafe!

Location: 142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Maintenance: 8am-9pm daily

Membership: no membership required but you must purchase a beverage to use the park.


Separate Areas: One area for all dogs!

Surface: mainly dirt and some grass

Stimulating Activities: none

Cooling: large shade tree

Greenage: one doggy waste station in middle of park

Human Comfort: picnic tables and benches, along with dog free patio (where you can write or just chill and eat a grill cheese while watching your pooch play)


theOKdog’s Rating: 3 out 5 paws 

Very cool concept for a dog park.  I could see a lot of blogging getting done at this place!


Piedmont Dog Park

Piedmont DOg Park


Type of Park: Fenced off leash

Surface Area: dirt

Enrichment Activities: rocks to jump on

Cooling: drinking fountain available

Separate Areas: yes small and large dog areas

Greenage: a few waste stations

Human Comfort: not much, bathrooms available between sections


Location:  a walk through the park.  No nearby parking, Street parking

Piedmont Park Map

Maintenance: dawn to dusk

Membership: free park 


the OK Dog’s Rating: 2 out of 5 paws


On the Road (Road Trip Essentials)

Early Friday morning Mom and Dad woke us up…well they didn’t really wake us up, we were already excited and knew that from the bags that had been packed for a week we were in for a treat!!

We jumped in the car, with quite a few suitcases and headed off!

Here are some funny moments from our many hours in the car!

Total Hours in Car:  80ish hours!

Cities we visited:

Atlanta, Gainesville, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fort Myer, Miami,

Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Greenville, Smoky Mountains.

wpid-img_20150703_152012We are thankful for Mom’s new car 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

We love that is has dual air vents, folding back seats and storage area.

Here is our list of must haves when going on a long doggy road trip!


Portable Auto Fan-great for hot days when you need to cool down from running at the park!

wpid-img_20150619_1046091Pet Barrier-so your parents and eat in front of you and you can’t get it!


No Spill Water Bowl– So you can drink anytime ya want!   We LOVE our Buddy Bowl!

& of course