Our Family


Ossian, Koda & Juniper!


Born July 24th, 2009.  A Saint Bernard runt weighing in at only 86lbs.  His favorite things are stuffy hedge hogs (hedgys). that he loves to take off the nose and pull all the stuffing out until he finds the honker.  He enjoys making his mark on everything while on walks.  Along with any types of bones he always LOVES goats milk.  And sleeping and taking up mommy and daddy’s bed.


Rescued from Indiana in Feburary of 2010.  She has just had weened three puppies and was almost erady t


Whitacre is mom’s baby,.  He came to live with us as a very small 10 week old kitten.  He as always been kind of his own man, since moving he has LOVED having his own room and a cat door so he can enjoy the night life chasing some mice.

Syra 12187825_996065577118484_180253289643755515_n

Syra joined our family a few years ago.  We got to see her grow up and she was cute when she was little but now….She’s crazy.  She likes to swat at us when we walk by and runs circles around us when we play outside!  She LOVES the dogs!  And is so excited to share a room with Whitacre with her own cat door to stay outside as much as she likes.  Usually sleeping on the swing until Juniper comes out in the morning to swing her awake!

Celeste R.I.P May 2018


Celeste was the oldest.  Dad found her under a car covered in oil and took her in.  She always believed she was dad’s first love!  We miss her terribly but with old age, thyroid issues and other old related deceases, we had to say goodbye to this sweet girl

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