Our Family




She is the oldest.  Dad found her under a car covered in oil.  Took her in and she’s been with him every since!  They say she rules the house…but we all know that’s not true.  She is very wise tho, she is always telling us things like…stay away from the humans while they are fighting and Syra will try and grab your tail if you are not aware of where she is!


Whitacre is mom’s baby, or so she says!  We don’t see him much.  He stays upstairs or outside.





Syra 12187825_996065577118484_180253289643755515_n

Syra joined our family a few years ago.  We got to see her grow up and she was cute when she was little but now….She’s crazy.  She likes to swat at us when we walk by and runs circles around us when we play outside!


Check out the furry blog!

Yeah they don’t write much!

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