Meeting a Turtle for the First Time.

We got to see a turtle today, up close and personal.  

I was a bit to interested for moms comfort

She ended up having to hild me back.  I wanted to pick it up and lick it.

But Mr. Turtle is safe…mom put him on the opposite side of the fence.

Don’tthink our reaction will go in favor of us getting a pet turtle anytime soon. 

Wild Goose Chase

We city dogs like to act like country dogs every once in a while and demand we go hunt something.  If you follow us on twitter you have seen that we many times are referencing deer hunting..which is truly just riding in our car down a country road and when we spot a deer, we stick our heads out the windows to bark!

We also like to chase/hunt other wild animals.  My favorite is geese!  There are tons and tons of geese here in Lexington.  Who else is gonna get rid of them?  Me that’s who!

Ossian likes the groundhogs.  He actually killed one once, I helped but don’t tell momma she was mad and sad.  That darn thing shouldn’t have came into our yard!  We were only doing our doggy duty!  “haha you said doody”.  That’s what dad always says after he hears the word duty! I don’t get it.

Deer, Geese and groundhogs are among only a few wild animals that we like to “hunt” here in Kentucky.  I’d like to call myself a bunny hunter!!  For a while we were not to use the word rabbit or bunny, mom and dad wouldn’t even spell the word.  It might have been because they had two of them fuzzy balls upstairs and wouldn’t allow us to come see them.

Here are some videos from our hunts

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What we did today!

Happy March All!

Mom and Dad love this time of year…mainly because of March Madness & cheering on the Wildcats, but we love it because they like to get out of the house and explore.  We usually start around this time what we call “our afternoon adventures.”  Which usually include a picnic at a park, and exploring a new trail.  So look for more of this post!

Our Afternoon Adventure today included

A trip to Starbucks for Puppiccinos         img_20160307_174304.jpg

Then we drove by dad’s childhood home.   Mom and dad went crazy because it was for sale.  They said they have been trying to buy it for a year!!!  But someone has already put an offer on it.  They tell us of this nice big backyard it has, big enough for a swimming pool, basketball court and lots of room to run!  They kept talking about it!

Then we went to Keenawood Park, and explored where dad use to play little league ball.

Then we ate at Parkette an old timey drive in dive.  Chuck wagons for everyone!  OH NO, why we no get one????

Lastly we ran off a bit of our food (or lack their off…) at the local tennis court!


Now time for a nap!  2016-03-07-19.57.39.jpg.jpg