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Swope Dog Park

Nature of Park– Fenced off leash park
Open to– Public
Location of– Kansas City, Missouri
Enrichment-Large wooded area
Areas-large & small areas, large area is at lest an acre if not more
Surfaces– Type of surface- sand, turf, grass, dirt, pebbles
Human Comfort- some picnic tables and shade


theOKDogs Rating: 3 out of 5 PAWS

Blue Springs Dog Park

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Nature of Park: Fenced off leash park

Open to Public

Location: Blue Springs MO, easy parking right next to park

Enrichment: Agility equipment, water for swimming and wooded area, the triple threat!

Areas: No small dog area, but pond area is fenced off incase you don’t want your pup to get dirty.

Surfaces: sand, dirt, grass, mulch

Human comfort: lots of shade trees, a few benches in the agility area

TheOKDog’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paws

FL Pup Park

Nature of the Park: Fenced
Open to Public
Location: Located off Hwy 70 at Kingdown City,  Fast Lane Gas Station
Enrichment: no enrichment
Areas:  Large and Small Dog Size, big enough to do your business
Surface: Turf
Human Comfort: A bench


TheOKdogs Rating: 2 out of 5 PAWS


“First dog park we found at a gas station, this is such a cool thing for people who travel”

Top 20 Dog Parks In America

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 10.24.13 PM

Top 20 Dog Parks

Number 20: Viking County Dog Park, Stoughton, WI
Large fenced dog park with two large lakes, lots of ducks and chipmunks to hunt

Number 19: Alimagnet Dog Park, Burnsville, MN 
Water, Water, Water

Number 18: Beau’s Beneful Dream Dog Park, Lancaster, PA
Very cool turf dog park with an automatic ball throwing tree, splash pad and
lots of comfy Adirondack chairs for the humans.

Number 17: Prairie Wolf Dog Park, Lake Forest, IL
This park is very large, with LOTS of water and woods and tons of smells.

Number 16: Lums Pond State Park, Bear,DE
We have a theme!  Dog parks that are large, with water and wooded areas make
our top list!!!  Make sure you click the links so you can see pictures from our

Number 15: Heritage Trails Dog Park, Columbus, OH
This is a really cool park with built in tunnels into the ground, a splash pad
area, and more agility to try out.

Number 14: Bloomington Dog Park, Bloomington MO
Large area with lake for swimming, and a swing for human comfort!

Number 13: James Island Dog Park, Charleston, SC

Number 12: Z Bonz Dog Park, Forth Worth, TX
Agility and water access.

Number 11: Macon Co. Dog Park, Macon, GA
Very unique dog park, nice beautiful bridge with a babbling brook, agility area
& gazebo.

Number 10: Grindstone Nature Off Leash Area, Columbia, MO
This very cool park is a nature area that allows dogs to run off leash, following
the river leads you to some beautiful sights.

Number 9: Brommelsiek Dog Park, St. Louis, MI
Dog park with it all. Agility, lake for swimming, lots of shade and sitting for

Number 8: Minnehaha Dog Park, Minneapolis, MO
This park is made up of two areas, a normal dog park (on a hill) and then it
opens to a larger area near the river side.  It is perfect for the hikers!!!  Hike off

Number 7: Blue Springs Dog Park, Blue Springs, MO
This dog park has the triple threat.  It has agility equipment, water for swimming and a wood area for sniffing.  Its easy accessible, and is a great place to chill with your dog.

Number 6: Cahaba Beach Dog Park, Birimingham, AL
This is a private dog park, that anyone can join for a membership.  You can go
for a day, week, or year!  Your dog does go through a temperament test before
they can enter the dog park.  Cahaba is pretty cool, in its like a resort.  There are
signs to areas that make you think your in your own little dog town.  There is a
cute little (cold) tub-looks like a hot tub but is not hot because no dog likes that!
Cahaba knows how to make a dog park.

Number 5: Newtown Dream Dog Park, Johns Creek, GA 
One of our favorites, mainly turf dog park has a splash pad, bridge and tunnels.

Number 4: Cedar Bark Dog Park, Cedar Park, TX
Nice pond area, with dock and easy water access.  Water access is separate than the large dog park.

Number 3: Battle Creek Off Leash Dog Park
What a park, its very very large, lots of lakes, tons of wooded area and hiking
trails.  You could spend all day here.

Number 2: Wags Park, Cincinnati, OH
Wags Park is another private dog park, where temperament tests are
mandatory.  Whats cool about WagsPark is there is paid staff that walk through
the park helping keep the piece.  Agility area, picnic area, man made lake, cash
bar, LARGE outside tv screen that shows movies and sports games.

Number 1: Concord Dog Park, Knoxville, TN
Our NUMBER ONE dog park in America is Concord Dog Park.  This is presented
by Petsafe which houses their headquarters in Knoxville.  They outdid their
selves with this dog park.  It has it all, its compact, which allows you to sit and
relax if that is what you want, it has water access (with a dock), a hiking area.
Its the ideal dog park we believe.


We know there are some great dog parks out there, we’ve traveled to over 275 dog parks  and these are our top 20.

We’d love to hear your top dog parks you’ve traveled.

Comment below or share a picture on any social media platform with the hashtag #americasbestdogpark.



Top 5 Pet Friendliest Cities as rated by theOKdogs

What are theOKdog’s Top 5 Pet Friendly Cities??


#5 Columbia, Missouri
Why we love Columbia:

  • Lots of dog nature areas: non fenced large nature areas where dogs are allowed off leash.



#4 Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Lots of dog parks
  • Has an airport dog park
  • Has lots of large dog nature areas




#3 Columbus, Ohio

  • Home of a cool dog park called Alum Creek & Dog Beach
  • Has lots of good free dog parks
  • Host pet friendly even every year called WagFest
  • Has the only indoor dog park we’ve ever been to



#2 Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Knoxville is home to our absolutle favorite dog park Concord Petsafe Dog Park
  • Has tons of other great parks, lots of them sponsored by Petsafe
  • Home to the Petsafe Headquarters
  • Market Square is beautiful and pet friendly



#1 St. Louis, Missouri

  • St. Louis is home to Purina Headquarters.
  • Purina Farms is a huge area attraction where many dog friendly events are held along with having large events like the Incredible Dog Challenge.
  • Broemmesieck Dog Park is just a short drive from downtown and is one of our top dog parks, it has a large pond for swimming and is free to the public.
  • St. Louis is also home to the only AKC Museum.  This museum is pretty awesome, dogs are invited to come enjoy tons of dog art and memorabilia.  The museum also host lots of events.
  • Usually in October, St. Louis hold a family friendly Pet Expo
  • Tons of dog parks (mostly membership only-but that just makes them safer)
  • Fitness with Fido is a small business that holds tons of events that help you get fit with your pup.
  • St. Louis has TONS of pet friendly events, some almost daily.  I find all our pet events on as its updated constantly.
  • Our New Home


Do you agree with our list?  Is there a city you believe is pet friendly? Tell us about it!




Prairie Oaks Dog Beach, Hillard, OH

Nature of Park: non fenced, off leash dog area

Open to public 

Location: 3225 NE Plain City-Georgesville Rd, West Jefferson, OH 43162

Enrichment: Dog Beach

Areas: one for all

Surface: dirt, grass and sand

Human Comfort: one bench, but you need to stay on your toes and keep your down in the off leash area


This park is home to Wagfest!!!

Washington Park Dog Park



Nature of Park: Fenced off leash area

Open to Public

Location: 1230 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Enrichment: small creek area, lots of birds and squirrels located in a very popular park

Areas: one area for all

Surface: turf, gravel and concrete

Human Comfort: a few benches, local comfy feel



Spring Lake Regional Dog Park

Nature of park: fenced off leash dog park

Open to public

Location: 7101 Southbridge Pkwy, Shakopee, MN, US, 55379

Enrichment: none really

Areas: small dog and all dog area

Surface: mud, grass, dirt, gravel

Human Comfort; a few picnic tables



Southbridge Dog Park

Nature of park: Fenced off leash dog park

Open to public

Location: 7101, Southbridge Pkwy, Shakopee, MN 55379

Enrichment: wooded trails

Area: two area (one small, one all dogs)

Surface: dirt mud, grass, gravel

Human Comfort: a few picnic tables throughout park




Minneapolis Airport Dog Park


Nature of Park: Partly fenced in off leash dog area

Open to public

Location:8th Ave S Hwy 6 Minneapolis, MN 55407

Enrichment: Small water area, large tunnels

Area: one large area

Surface: grass, mulch, dirt, mud and gravel

Human Comfort: none


How awesome is Minneapolis for opening areas like these for off leash dog play!