Ossian Moose’s Cover Letter & Resume for Petmate CFO Search

Dear Petmate,

My name is Ossian Moose Gibson, and I am a good boy. All of the time. Most of the time. Sometimes. Okay, well Mommy and Daddy love me. I would be the pawfect candidate for your Petmate CFO.


I love getting out and seeing the world. When I’m not lying on the bed or sleeping in my chair, I am traveling. Mommy and Daddy say “Wannago???” and I ALWAYS answer “umm, YES, OF COURSE!”. I have been to hundreds or dog parks. Some were too hot to enjoy. I mean, why did I go to Florida back-to-back summers? Those parks were short visits: RPLs (Run-Poop-Leave). But, I love going for rides. Daddy’s car has a nice place for me to put my head when it gets too heavy.


What else do I like? Well, I have 3 big buckets or toys. My favorite is my rubber squeaky balls, and my hedgehog, but I just want to tear him up. Did you know that some of these toys have white stuff in them? Don’t worry, I’m really good at getting the white stuff out. I also like treats. I chew on bones, I eat milk bones, and anything with beef or chicken is to drool for. I also like meeting new people, as long as they pet me. When I go out, I expect pets! Belly rubs, ear rubs, butt rubs, and someone to lean against or lay on are extremely important to me.           wpid-img_20150913_143836 (1)

I see I am required to be up-to-date on vaccinations. Ugh. Well, I am, but I don’t like thinking about it. One day, Mommy said “Wannago?”, and we went… to the vet. I got so many shots and stuff sprayed up my nose. That was not a fun ride. I also trained myself to house. So, I can only pee or poop outside. I also know how to do stuff. My favorite thing is to speak! One time, I won a contest for speaking. I sit for food, and shake, lay down, and roll over if asked nicely.


When I’m not sleeping or eating, I look at my social media. I have to take A LOT of pictures. My sister, Koda, and I are on twitter, facebook, and Instagram, and we even went to a social media conference in Georgia a few times. I hope you will pick me for CFO.

Ossian Moose








Ossian Moose Gibson’s Resume




Graduated from Petsmart Beginners Obedience Course       Fall 09

Current Position: Bed Tester, Blogger & Co-Pilot


Previous Employment:
Dog Park Investigator (Over 240 Different Dog Parks)
Dock Jumper
Kitty Pool Lounger


Silver Medalist at K9 Olympics in Hot Dog Splash
Most Vocal at Wagfest
K9 Einstein at K9 Games
Feature Profile Picture for Bed & Breakfast Dog Kennel
Best Costume at Sheabel Pet Costume Contest
Recognized at Barkworld w/ Photo with Victoria Stilwell
Appeared in news segment on Local WLEX, Lexington
Featured in the LHS Critter Camp Mannequin Challenge


Bacon Ball, Chicken, Cheeseburgers, Rawhides, Howeys’ Beef Sticks, Almost empty peanut butter jars, Ice Cream, Pup Lattes, Bed, Deer, Squirrels.


Woofing, High Five, Sit, Speak, Down, Spin, Kiss, Roll Over (sometimes)

Stubborn, Needs Pets, Loyal, Respects Boundaries


Poochies Plus
C2 Drum & Bugle Corps
LHS Critter Camp Campers