Keep Calm We’re Getting A Puppy

Ossian & Koda are excited that their baby sister is almost ready to come live with us.

Juniper Beans was born on April 3, 2020

Since we’re working from home, we decided that this might be the perfect time to raise a puppy.  We have been looking but hadn’t found the perfect one.  But Juniper came out of nowhere.   just 45 mins away, a small Saint Bernard breeder announced on that their dame was expecting.  We immediately reached out.  They put us on the list and told us that they would send pictures when the puppies were 10 days old.

April 13th we received an email that included pictures of 6 female puppies!
They were all so beautiful but “puppy #9” was our pick!
We emailed our pick, and they told us that they would send pictures again at 5 weeks of age.

Here is Juniper at 10 days old.

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Isn't she a beauty!

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May 9th, 2020, we finally got the email with pictures!
This beautiful girl is growing up so fast

Here is Juniper at 5 weeks old!

The email told us that we would be able to pick her up May 15th or after.  Because of social distancing we needed to make an appointment, so we set it up for May 15th at 3pm.  We will get to see her and hold her and finally bring her home.


Counting down the days!!!

A New Year A New Us!

Hey Friends!  Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve blogged.  Feels good to get back to it!

Happy New Year!!!  This year is gonna be a big year for us, since last year was such a weird year especially for our mom.

In October mom was offered a position with Youth Education in the Arts. Located in Allentown Pennsylvania.  You heard me.  PENNSYLVANIA.  About 10 hours north of our hometown Lexington, KY.  There she works with The Cadets, a DCI Drum Corp.  Its was weird we didn’t see her for over a month, and then only got a few days with her.  But its all changed now.  We officially sold our home in Lexington and moved into this small one bedroom apartment here in Whitehall, PA (just outside Allentown, PA) . This is a big change for us, we have no yard and us and the three cats have to coinside inside this tiny 900 square foot apartment.  But we’re here with mom so we are happy.  Dad is here most the time (he is gonna finish up teaching the school year in Lexington, then he will officially be up here as well!)

Big things happen when you move to a city!  You get to explore more which means DOG PARKS!!!! We’ve already spent our first day of the new year playing at Allen Township Dog Park and getting puppicinos at the local Starbucks!





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Melvin the REST

Meet Melvinwp-1488418811812.jpg

Our new Red Eared Slider Turtle


Red Eared Sliders are one of the most popular pet turtles in the US.  Their name comes from the red stripe on both sides of their head (where the ears are)

Do REST have ears? They don’t have ear openings but they can hear!  They love to be spoken too.



I am in love with Melvin. He is such a character. Who would have thought a turtle could have so much sass.




He’s so funny I just had to create his own instagram account.  Be sure to follow him.




The OK Dog’s Summer Road Trip

Day 1


First stop Knoxville, TN

We checked out two new dog parks

Petsafe Big Turtle Dog Park in Oak Ridge & Petsafe Pistol Creek Dog Park

Along with a quick stop at Petsafe Charter Doyle Dog Park

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a dip in the marina at Petsafe Concord Dog Park.

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This dock is my bitch!

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During the hottest part of the day we check out some of our favorite pet shops.  Petsmart & Petco, and Knoxville’s very own Citifido

On the way to our next stop we found an awesome dog park that was converted from an old baseball field.  This Morristown Dog Park climbed close to the top of our Ultimate Dog Park List.     *Post coming soon*


Day 2-4 Kingsport Tn

We spent the Fourth of July with family in Kingsport TN, They have a basement that kept us calm during the fireworks.  We stayed in our kennels most the time there, but it was nice to catch up on some sleep.

Day 5 Greenville SC

We checked out some new dog parks on the way to Greenville SC.

Morris Broadband Dog Park in Fister Community Park and Mills River Dog Park

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Chillin like a villain

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After checking in at Red Roof Inn, we checked out Conestee Dog Park and Simpsonville Dog Spot

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Happy pups at the dog park

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Then to one of the highlights of the trip.  The Pour Taproom

Day 6-Atlanta GA

Off to the Parks!

Pinckneyville Dog Park

Rabbit Hill Dog Park

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Why must I always do agility!

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Adair Dog Park

While driving around Atlanta checking out the dog parks we hadn’t seen yet we came up with the idea for a show for Animal Planet or Travel channel called American Best Dog Parks, we travel around and talk to people at different dog parks and show the best dog parks in big cities.  We can ask people to tweet about their favorite parks and start a YouTube channel too.

We ate dinner and played at Parkgrounds Cafe & Dog Park.  A place where ya can enjoy a nice beer or small dinner while your pup plays in the park.  It’s a great hipster place! I bet a lot of blogging could be done here.

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At the Park Grounds Cafe & Dog Park

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No Atlanta trip is complete with out a stop at one of the Top 10 Dog Parks: Newtown dog Park

Meet another Saint Bernard there, he was 7 months old and 120 pounds.  Almost 40 pounds heavier than me!

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Seriously i am a dude stop trying to hump me

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My water

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The night ended abruptly, heard fireworks so ran to the car, was given two calming chews and two melentonin and had a great night sleep.


Day 7 To Panama City, Florida

Stopped by Canine Crossing in Columbus, GA

Then we check out this cool ON LEASH Park called Flat Rock Park in Columbus, GA

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Surveying the land

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Oxbow Support Facility Dog Park, Columbus, GA

Everitt Av Dog Park

Al Helms Dog Park


Day 8

Back to Al Helms Dog Park

Our moto for this trip:

Run, Poop, Leave 

Because it was SO FREAKIN HOT!

Because of all the sweating and swimming we had bath time at Earth Wise

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Scrub a dub pup!

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Ahhh feels so good

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On our way to the Pet Sitters we just happened upon a really cool dog park called Alaqua Unleashed pretty cool that they even have classes there.

We had a few hours to kill so we needed to do something cool so we checked out Bass Pro Shop, now most Bass Pro’s are pet friendly but some are not from what we have read-we did call ahead to check.  The pups loved it!  Koda loved all the stuffed “Real” animals and the fish tank.  Ossian was scared of the big fish and the large size stuff turtle pillow. Yes he was scared of pillow.  Ossian did get a lot of love, as all the kids and most of the adults came to meet him and give him belly rubs.  My little therapy dog in training.

Then the pups were dropped at Heathers Hug & Kisses Pet Sitting.  Loved how she took the time to introduce her self, her own dogs and walk us through the house and how she does everything, unlike some kennels and pet sitters we have used who just grab your stuff and scoot you out the door.  I love that she sent us updates and wasn’t taken aback by all my texting to check on them.  I think they had a pretty good stay! As we had a Gibson family vacation at a non pet friendly beach house in Panama City.

Day 15

And They’re BACK!!

After 6 days at Heather’s Hug & Kisses Pet Boarding we are back on the road.

First stop Niceville, FL Dog Park

Then to our first dog park of Alabama!!!

Hannah Daye Ridling Bark Park in Montgomery.  This was a pretty neat little park although someone decided to put on some mud socks.

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Like my black socks?

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We were excited that Alabaster Dream Dog Park was on the way.  This is one of the Beneful Dream Dog Park winners.  We love turf dog parks and of course any park with WATER!


Day 16

After finally decided on our TOP 10 Dog Parks, we now have to end up changing the ranking because Cahaba Beach Dog Park was pretty amazing.  Although a private dog park, it is worth it-especially if you live in Birmingham, Alabama.  We spent most of the day at Cahaba, taking some naps in the cool car or checking out the local Petsmart & Petco of course!

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Someones hyper in the mornings!

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Hoover Dog Park

Rubys dog park at Red Mountain

Pet Supplies Plus

Hollywood Feed

Back to Cahaba Beach

Petsmart and Petco

Back to Cahaba Beach

Day 17

Leaving Birmingham to Nashville

Played a bit more at Cahaba Beach

Then on the way to Nashville we checked out

Fultondale dog park

We stopped in Franklin, TN to see Uncle Steveo

Checked out Freedom Dog Park

Nolansville Dog Park

William A Pitts Dog Park

As always staying at Red Roof Inn

Last Day 😦

Two Rivers Dog Park in Nashville, TN

Spot Pet Supply and got some yummy pig ears!

On the way home stopped at

Goodlesttsville Dog Park before heading three hours North East to our home in Lexington

“SMMMM, You guys smell” Dad exclaimed so off the interstate at Elizabethtown for baths at

First stop was Pet Supply Plus $10 Self Pet Wash, but another Saint Bernard beat us to it.  And Ossian isn’t super nice to bigger than him Saints.  So we headed to Feeder Supply.  One of our absolute favorite pet stores.  They have great discounts on all our favorite products and their Pet Wash is super nice.

And now we’re home



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Summer Vacation Stats

Dog Parks Visited: 32

Cities Stayed In: 8

Hotels Slept in: 6

Pet Stores Shopped at: 18

Pet Friendly Attractions that attracted us:   3

Happy Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving comes……you guessed it….Turkey! 
We are thankful for turkey and thankful that our parents give us said  turkey.  What are you thankful for this Holiday?

Some of the other wonderful things in our life we are thankful for:
-Sleeping on the couch
-Sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed
-Traveling with Mom and Dad
-Sniffing new places
-Dad’s new bday gift….it’s called…ummm….a de-hydrator?  It makes awesome chicken jerky!  Yeah we’re thankful for that!!!!
-Our grandparents!  We dont see them much, but when we do we go crazy.
-The wonderful girls at Poochies Plus.  Thankful we have such an awesome place to stay when Mom and Dad can’t take us with them.