Doggy Chiropractor

Did you know there was such a thing as a Doggy Chiropractor?

Yes, there is!

A veterinarian with chiropractic training can help treat dogs joint and back pain.


When Koda was diagnosis in 2012 with IVDD (Intervetebral disk disease), I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a dog chiropractor!  Although through some research and some awesome dog lover facebook groups I found that an appointment with a doggy chiropractor might benefit Koda.

We had our first chiropractor appointment last October.  We went to a veterinary clinic that had a specialist come in once a week to adjust pups.  It was cool to see her work on Koda, but I didn’t really pick up on everything she was doing as Koda was on the treatment table and the Doctor was just basically rubbing her from what I could see.

So tonight we had our first AT HOME chiropractor appointment.  It was so neat.  I think I enjoyed it as much or more than Koda, as I learned a lot.  I could see the doctor as she gently ran her fingers down Koda’s spine.  You could tell Koda’s painful spots as it caused a ripple of pain in her fur.  The doctor then would push around the spot and the ripple seemed to disappear.  She did this in multiple places, including Koda’s neck.

I wish I could have gotten before and after videos, believe me Koda is happy and playful now even after a few hours after her appointment.  Her tail is held higher than usual, and she is sitting and walking straighter.

Isn’t it amazing that a Doctor can use such small amounts of low force manipulation around the joints and spinal cord and it straightens her out just right!

Luckily the Doctor did not believe that Koda was in such a bad shape.  She believe we can go a few weeks without having to make another appointment.

I am so thankful for holistic veterinarians that believe in things like pressure points and chiropractic adjustments.

Have you ever been to the chiropractor?



What is a Labryinth?  

Many think of a labryinth as a maze, but in fact a labryinth has only one path.  Usually a circular path that leads you to the middle, and back out the way you came.  A labryinth is designed To easily navigate and is impossible to get lost.  

We were lucky to come across a prayer labryinth at a church we visited.  

It was a simple design but brought great meaning.  It can be used in many different ways, but the main focus was to walk the path to find your center and listen for God to speak to you.  We found it to be very helpful in focusing on “heeling”   

As Jason and Koda walked peacefully side by side, Oss and I did the same.  It was a bit hard as the path was made for a single person but as we walked Ossian head leaned against my leg.  It was calming and all my worries seem to just drift away.  As I walked through the small labryinth with my Soul Mate, I found my center.

This small moment in time will forever live in my memory, and because of that, Jason and I have already started planning our own labryinth for our back yard.   Come spring our construction will begin.  



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Dear Santa Paws

Here are a few things that The Ok Dog’s have on there Wish List!


The OK Dog’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Foobler 

The Foobler is a time release self loading puzzle feeder.  It has 6 chambers to hold kibble or treats.  You can select different time intervals to release treats which means it can have up to 9 hours of releasing treats.  Entertain, engage and enrich!  Koda & Ossian love treat balls, but the Foobler would allow for longer play time, instead of them rolling around for 15 mins and getting it all out.

Retails for $24.99 on Amazon

Tether Tug

tether-tugThe Tether Tug is a rope toy attached to a string attached to a bendable pole.  It can be places outside for your dog to play with their self, or use inside as well.  We like this toy b/c as many times as we play with the cats with their chase pole, Koda tries to get it.  So this would be a great toy to play with inside or out, and have her chase it (sort of like a live lure!)

Retails for $39.99 on Amazon

Wooly Snuffle Mat

Paw 5The Wooly Snuffle Mat makes sniffing fun, much easier and clearner than sniffing for food in grass or dirt, this allows your pup to sniff away inside looking for treats.  This may or may not be a great buy for us, as I can see Ossian flipping the entire rug over and moving it out of the way to get the treats!  But for smaller dogs this would make a great gift.  We know some beagles that would love this!

Retails for $39.95 on

The PetCube

Seriously how awesome is this!  A camera that you can use to check in on your pups and not only talk to them BUT play LAZER with them.  Koda would flip!   Although my worry is she would tear something up if I stopped playing laser with her before she was done.

Retails for $149.00 on Amazon



The CleverPet is basically a “Simon” game for your pup.  You remember them?  It shows you a pattern of colors and sounds, and you have to repeat what it just showed you.  That’s essential how CleverPet works your dogs brain to get treats.  KODA WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS.  I think she could master it in a day!
Maybe Santa Paws will bring this gift!
Retails for $299.99 on Clever.Pet


Here’s a toy that we are keeping an eye on for next year!


plate date.jpg

This interactive ball that houses a live video cam, that allows you to roll the ball around and play with your pup from the mobile app, and see how much fun they are having.  This toy is still on Indigogo, but by next year you should be able to buy it!

What does your pup want from Santa Paws this year?

dear santa paws.jpg  

Barkworld or Bust

In 2010 we attended the first ever BarkWorld Pet Expo founded by Denise Quashie.

What is BarkWorld?

“BarkWorld Expo is a social media event for pet owners that use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media applications for their pets. It’s also for those pet owners that are either on the fence about social media or just interested in perusing an expo hall full of products and services for their pet. BarkWorld Expo will provide an avenue for the Social Media anipal beginners, experts, and the curious as well as an arrangement of pet vendors.”

2011 BarkWorld moved up in the world and was held at the impressive Lowes Hotel.  Our pups went with us this year as they had Best Friends Pet Care hosted a Doggy Daycare (with an ice sculpture) They had fun while we were able to attend interesting and educational sessions.  Paige & Jasmine showed us how to make our youtube channel a success, and we met Victoria Stilwell. BringFido & Dogtipper were also in attendance.

2012 we didn’t make it this year :-*(

2013 Best Friends Pet Care hosted the Doggy Daycare again this year! Petco was a platinum sponsor and showed us their new Star Wars collection. Ossian got his picture with Darth Vader.  BarkWorld bingo was introduced!

2014 We attended K9 fit club, we learned about, and there was also a doggie treat bar.

2015 We did Doga and met with the Blue Collar Project, we met our friends Katie & Gracie, Dogs of Instagram & Gus Kenworthy.  Kuddly was introduced which is one of our all time favorite apps!

2016…What will this year hold…



Vellostar Liquid Chalk Marker 

Outside of traveling and blogging with my pups, I have a full time job as a High school Guidance Secretary.  As the one that advertises all college visits and scholarships I am always looking for more ways to get the kids in the know.  Thanks to the Bright Neon Color of these Liquid Markers I am able to write create eye catching designs on our three huge windows.

Since using these vibrant high quality liquid chalk markers, many kids have made comments about the colors and designs along with the actual details to things they should know.

I love that they are water based, and easy to erase!  They don’t leave a messy residue.  You can use these markers on mirrors, blackboard, whiteboards, ceramics and metal. I feel that this is going to give the Guidance office a leg up on information for the kids.

Get some on amazon today





I’ve spoken a bit about my Anxiety before.  I may have not talked about how it keeps me awake most nights.  But I have found a product that really helps calm me down and relieve anxiety.

It’s called Insomnia Stress and Anxiety Relief Herbal Sleep Tea

It is 100% Organic Tea with Saffron, Ginger Root, Tulsi Holy Basil and Chamomile.  It hels calms your nerves, supports emotional balance reduces anxiety and insomnia.

It is full of fragrance and have a very soothing aroma.

 Hope you give it a try!

Ossian’s Jackass Phase – Those Terrible Twos that Last for Years

​We had a horrible night at Bark in the Park.  

Ossian was being sweet and loving on two college girls who had came over to pet him.  He loves all people but he just can’t get enough of the girls that make a fuss over him.  We were all so happy laughing  and chatting and loving on Ossian, that I didn’t notice a dog (about the size of Ossian)  walk by.  And by walk by I mean probably 8 feet or so away.
Well Ossian did, and he took off after the dog.  He was attached to my chair but pulled hard enough that he knocked over the picnic table in front of us, including the girls beers and caused a pretty nasty bruise on my leg.  He didn’t reach the dog…but made a huge scene and it was fucking embarrassing.

It makes me feel like a horrible dog owner.  

When Ossian turned 4, he went through a phrase we called the  “jackass phase”.

He wasn’t able to go anywhere on leash without lunging at dogs his size or bigger. (I guess we started to believe he was Koda’s size)…so there were quite a few dogs we’d  walk by and he’d think they were bigger.
I started learning about leash aggression and worked hard with him…but it did not seem to help.  So we stopped taking him places where he had to be on leash.  Then he started acting out at the dog parks.  It would be random. (All dogs have bad days, I know this but he was moody most of the time.)  He would even growl at young females that were small like 15 pounds.  He has never attacked a dog.  We won’t allow this.  But he would growl and run up to them.   So we stopped going to the park for a while. 

After our park sabbatical we decided to try it again.

  He was now almost 5 years old, and we were hoping he’d grown out of this jackass phase.  Please note he has never had an issue with any human it was just dogs.

This time at the park went well.  The only time he showed any aggression was when he growled at a great dane…who was much bigger. We started looking at the dogs in the park before going in to make sure there were not any “bigger” dogs that he may feel inferior to.  

I guess we thought his issue was that being the runt and weighing only 86lbs for a saint, was hitting him hard in this jackass phase.  (During this phase,  he stayed at his daycare that he had been going to since a puppy.)  The owners would always tell us they have never had an issue with him.  So then we thought: okay he is being protective or feeling our stress levels escalate when larger dogs come into a park or when we were on a leash.

So we started trying to keep our emotions calm when larger dogs would come into the park, or when walking by a larger dog on a leash.

It seemed to help.

When he turned 6, it was like none of that had ever happened. He was nice and started playing with other dogs, including big ones.  We could go to places like pet expos and walk on a leash close to other dogs and he would greet them like a gentleman.

We were estatic, his jackass phase had ended. 

Until tonight.

And as I write this, he is trying to suck up to me by laying his head on my lap. 

I just dont understand.  Is he back in the phase? 

Should we not take him places? 

 Should he be a home body?

I wanted my boy to experience everything possible in his lifetime.  I work hard to find dog friendly events to let him go and explore and meet new people.  But he does this tonight and I feel like I failed as a pet mom.

I am just sad and depressed by the whole thing.

Hideway Duffle Bag Pet Carrier for The Furry Gibsons

I received this pet carrier for a discount to review and post an honest review. 

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle

This pet carrier can be used for both cats and small dogs.  Not these two hairy mutts

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle is a duffle bag pet carrier.  It has privacy covers that allow for discreet travel which is great since the 17″x 20″x 10″ size bag is airline approved. 

Maybe I can get my cats to like traveling!

Both sides and top have roll down and velcro zipper side along with a breathable mesh zipper entry.  

Machiene washable.

Flully lined and padded fleece interior.

Detachable shoulder straps.

Outside side pocket for treats.

And a 100% satisfaction guaranted. 
I am pretty sure Whitacre our middle child…I mean cat, liked the feel of the carrier.  Must better than those plastic hard carriers.  

Celeste our oldest who hates to travel, actually came to test it out for a minute…then she was gone.

And our youngest Syra has decided she’d rather play outside than coming in to check out the new carrier.

As a cat mom, I will admitt I haven’t looked into that many different types of carriers.  We’ve only moved once and outside of a visit to the vet once a year thats all the cats ever need a carrier for.  But by receiving this carrier at a discount price to review I will have to say, I’m excited to now know I have a comfy way to take my cats out on adventures.

The Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle looks just like a gym bag but is made for the kitty comfort.  It’s light weight and I love the black and purple. 

I would recommend anyone looking for a new pet carrier to get this one.  

You can purchase your own on amazon.
What kind of pet carrier do you use?

5 Reasons Pet Microchips are Important

  1. Tags Fall Off: Most people keep tags on their pets collars, but if your pet gets out it’s possible and likely their collar can fall off. Then, the only way to reunite them is by scanning their microchip.
  2. It is not Removable: You can’t remove a microchip. So you can use that to prove that your pet is your pet.
  3. No Pain for Your Pup: A pet microchip is as big as a grain of rice. Your pet does not have to be under anesthesia to be microchipped, although most owners opt to microchip during spay or neuter surgery.
  4. Notifies Local Shelters, Rescues & Veterinary Clinics: If your pet does become lost, having a microchip allows you to log into your account to update all information, alert the community, and print out lost and found posters.
  5. Ability to See Where Your Pet was Found: Some of the newer microchips like “Save This Life” allow you to get a notification when your pet is scanned and entered into the computer.  Save This Life microchips are awesome because anyone that scans the microchip can just plug the number into google search and it gives them the information they need to get in contact with you, plus you get a notification.

There you have it gang.  These are our Top 5 Reason Microchipping is so important.  Be sure to see other ways to Prevent Losing Your Pet with Technology.