Our Bucket List



  1. Have a photo taken with a Celebrity
  2. Go for a boat ride
  3. Find a pet friendly bar
  4. Take a pet-friendly tour of our city
  5. Go Camping
  6. Go on a road trip across the country
  7. Check out the ocean
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Play in the rain
  10. Play in the snow
  11. Hike a Mountain
  12. Get certified as a Canine Good Citizen
  13. Star in a commercial
  14. Start a dog friendly business
  15. Visit the mostly friendliest cities in America
  16. Have a sculpture done of us
  17. Learn a unique trick
  18. Attend a dog camp    Camp Dogwood
  19. Receive a ribbon for a competition
  20. Meet a monkey
  21. Write a book
  22. Start a blog (hehe)
  23. Visit all the dog parks in our state
  24. Have a birthday party
  25. Become therapy dogs
  26. Go to the zoo
  27. Watch a movie at a drive in theater
  28. Swim in a pool
  29. Have our own facebook page
  30. Ride in a convertible
  31. Get a Doggy Massage
  32. Go on a doggy cruise
  33. Ride first class on an airplane
  34. Go to an amusement/theme park
  35. Get over 1,000 followers on Instagram
  36. Swim with Dolphins
  37. See a Pet Psychic
  38. Compete in an agility competition
  39. Compete in a Badass dash K9 Competition
  40. Go dog sledding
  41.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
  42. Jump on a trampoline
  43. Hike a snowy mtn
  44. Have a fire hydrant named after us
  45. Go whale watching
  46. Have professional photos done
  47. Compete in a “Barn Hunt” competition
  48. Travel Overseas
  49. Visit an orchard
  50. Meet Betty White


See the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Attend Purina’s #Betterwithpets Summit

Go on the Breaking Bad trolley tour

Woofstock in Canada https://woofstock.ca/



Have some other cool things we should add to our bucket list???? Comment below!

Summer Vacation Planning!

Mom and Dad have been planning our summer vacation.  Here’s what they got so far….but they need help!   Comment below and let us know if you’ve visited before and what you enjoyed doing???


Saturday June 20th we will leave!

We will be spending at lest one night in the following cities!  (help us find cool and fun things to do!)

Atlanta GA

Gainesville FL

Fort Myers FL

Miami FL

Jacksonville FL

Savannah GA

Charleston SC

Greenville SC

Smokey Mtns TN

Knoxville TN

Home on July 3rd



So Fresh and So Clean!

     PetValu Self Wash Pet Stations!

We love this new pet store we stumble upon one day out and about.

Its located at 7000 John Davis Dr #300, Frankfort KY

The self serve pet wash is only $10 for 30 minutes, they provide shampoo, towels, and have a great hair dryer!  And the best thing: they do all the clean up!

No appointment required, just walk in and asked!  Don’t forget to get your frequent bath card.  Buy 6 get 1 free!

Don’t we look good after our bath!?

Check out Pet Valu here 

Barkworld 2013

Barkworld 2013 is in the books.  This was our 3rd time going in the 4 years of its existence.  Lots of SWAG, good info, and good times.  Ossian and Koda loved daycare!  (Ossian definitely put the “Bark” in Barkworld… he was very talkative during daycare.  Best Friends Pet Care does such an awesome job! They need one in Lexington!  We were glad to hear Victoria Stilwell again, as well as many other speakers.  We are already looking forward to next year!

On the long way home Sunday, we stopped at Newtown Dream Dog Park and Chattapoochie Dog Park in Georgia.  Newtown Dream was very cool.  They have Astroturf instead of grass, which is much less messy, and Ossian loved the fountain pad. There were also several big dogs there, NONE of which Ossian went after! (He probably would have lost the battle with the Irish Wolfhound that dwarfed him).  Chattapoochie was half closed, but still a decent park with fountains.  The dogs slept most of the way home, except for our stop at Petco to spend our gift cards.  The dogs will need a few days to recuperate (as will Mommy and I), but we all enjoyed ourselves!

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Hormonal Imbalance

Just went to the first dog park since Ossian has been on these supplements for his hormonal imbalance. I thought it went fine… Daddy on the other hand did not. Two dogs were already in the park, a small Scottie mix and a black terrier mix the size of Koda. When we let them in (already) off leash they started smelling around. The smaller pup came to check them out… Ossian kind of bounced over to him…no growl. They sniffed and moved along. Koda started running and playing with the other pups, Ossian ran over and wanted to play…well the terrier mix started yelling before he was even close to her, which made him want to growl. His growl to me means: play with me, why you no like me?….. But I guess to everyone else it’s scary. Ossian was fine….he came back to us, played around and smelled….the Scottie came and played with Ossian a bit and when the terrier came over Ossian growled….and she started yelling. Of course, we get Ossian and take him to another area, but I truly believe he is not doing it to be bad. I can’t get Daddy to understand that the more we take him around other dogs the better he’ll be. No one freaks out if a hound dog is howling like crazy or a lab is barking the whole time… Why should it be a big deal if a saint growls to initiate play?

Old Fashioned Days by Daddy

Ossian’s first long ride in the car was to Greenup, KY (where my grandparents lived) for their Fall festival called Old Fashioned Days.  Ossian was just over 2 months old at the time.  We took his cage just in case he got tired, but he spent most of the day by our side.  We walked down to the festival, about 3 blocks away, and took Ossian with us on a leash, carrying him when he seemed tired or hot.  He was very popular; everyone wanted to pet him and every few steps we would hear a kid say “look, it’s a little Beethoven.”  We got water and snacks for Ossian, and when we made it back to my grandparents’ house, he was worn out.  He stayed by us and slept while we watched the parade, then slept all the way home.  One reason we got Ossian is because we wanted to take him places, and this was a good start that showed us he would be good company!

7728_634611801112_41100957_37230414_7733436_n (1).jpg

Koda’s First Night by Mommy

Ossian was getting older, and we knew we wanted another dog; a husky to be exact.  Daddy did most of the research and found three husky mix puppies up in Richmond, Indiana, but they were all getting adopted as soon as they were old enough to leave their mom.  The woman fostering them told us that their mother was up for adoption.  So we started going over the pros and cons, the foster mom sent a video and Daddy fell in love.


I was still on the fence about her.  Ossian’s my baby and I was unsure of how I could love another dog as much. But, we traveled up to see her.  She was shy, but very sweet.

We took her for a walk and she walked perfectly on a leash.  A few days later we decided to make it official and adopt her.  On a Friday, Daddy drove the three hours each way to pick her up after she got spayed.

photo0102 photo0099

I brought Ossian to the local park so they could meet on neutral territory.  Koda was not too impressed with Ossian (who was much younger but already bigger than she was).  Already, I was getting worried that this wouldn’t work.  We took them both home and let them out in the back yard to play.  Almost immediately they were running around and playing like they had knew each other forever.  I thought “It’s meant to be”

(Excuse the bad quality-this was before good camera phones)

My opinion soon changed that night.  She was absolutely CRAZY.  She was in her crate scratching, whining, and even pushed out the bottom of her cage TWICE.  I couldn’t sleep I was so upset.  I just knew we couldn’t deal with this craziness night after night.photo0116  The next morning we discussed taking her back…but Daddy wanted to give it the weekend.  By Monday things were normal, and Ossian and Koda were like two peas in a pod.  I now cannot imagine life without her, and I’m sure Ossian feels the same.



Ossian’s First Night by Daddy

We got Ossian in August, 2009 from a breeder in Lancaster, KY.  Ossian was one of 13 puppies (14, but one died very early).


He was the runt of the group and we picked him because of his markings and demeanor.  His name (pronounced “Osh-in”) comes from the founder of my fraternity in college, and was decided on before we went to get him.  Ossian was 4 ½ weeks old when we got him, and tiny at only 3.6 pounds.  He slept in the front seat all the way home.


We took Ossian in and he lie there while the cats came and checked him out.


Being our first puppy, Ossian slept in our room the first night.  He fell asleep on a blanket in a box but we moved him to his cage.  Ossian woke up every two hours or so whining and crying for his mother.  We got up each time, sat down by his cage, and petted him until he fell back asleep.  It was a long night, but one I’ll never forget because Ossian is our first dog and we loved him right away.



Read how the search for the perfect pup began here

Ossian’s Birthday by Mommy & Daddy

Ossian was turning one and we decided to have a party!  Our parents and siblings came and we cooked out.  Ossian loves getting attention and he got PLENTY on this day.  He also got plenty of presents, including several toys, bones, treats, a “Chuck-It”, and even PetSmart gift cards. (Ossian likes to go shopping and pick out his own treats).  Mommy even baked a birthday cake; a peanut-butter cake with bacon on top.  Ossian brings joy to most everyone that interacts with him. He is our first “child” and deserved a birthday celebration for his day.