New Collar for Koda

Bought Koda this new collar from PetANTastic and she looks fabulous!


Whats great about it?

Its super colorful!



Adjustable and super soft



Also very heavy duty & has a cool ID Tag Ring20180828_2053554794902929648988478.jpg


Buy your own beautiful collar on Amazon


Gel Toe Separator

Mom reviews: Premium Gel Toe Separators from Yosoo


I love these!  They fit like a charm, and are super comfortable to wear.  The flexibility of design makes them easy to use with shoes.  It relieves my foot pain when I’ve been on my feet all day, and it has also helped with leg cramps at night.


Mom Reviews A Fitbit Alta Band

What is a Fitbit?

An activity tracker that helps you keep motivated to keep moving!  Counts your steps, calories burned, hours slept and more!!

Do you own a Fitbit?

Why I love my Fitbit Alta:

  • It’s smaller than the Charge (which I use to have)
  • Has the display screen (which the Fitbit flex does not)
  • Allows your to get notification-calls and text *text message display on screen

Why I love #XnucolMagneticClosureClaspMeshBandforFibitAlta

  • stylish
  • magnetic clasp that is easier to latch (unlike the Fitbit band it comes with)
  • matches the Fitbit display


Do you have a Fitbit?

Which one do you have?

Do you know their is a Fitbit for dogs?  Fitbark!!!





Tranquility Synergy for Anxiety & Stress Relief for Mom Please

Skeptic or Believer?

I want to be one of those people who can believe anything, but I guess I feel like I have to research and get reasons and answers of how and why before I can believe.

Then I tried 

Tranquility Synergy

for Anxiety & Stress Relief

I don’t know how it works, and even why it works.   But it works.  

I suffer from major anxiety (I am on meds for it) but I still have issues sleeping.  However, since using Tranquility at night I ease off into a great sleep.  

It’s really simple, just a few dabs and rub around my neck and shoulders and lay back and relax.  I also love how great it smells.

I suggest all who want to have a relaxing sleep or just a relaxing afternoon should get a bottle for themselves.

Get some on amazon today

A Cat Hammock for the Furry Gibsons

I received this cat hammock for free in return for an honest reveiw.

Who doesn’t love laying in a hammock?

My cats thats who!

#whoyoukitten these cats are beyond spoiled, between tons of expensive beds and having their OWN room.  You’d think they would be more greatful.

The Hanging Cat Hammock is made extremly well with thick cotton that makes it super soft.  It also has strong hanging clips.  I suppose its best to hang in a cat cage or under a kitchen chair but it didn’t work that well with our kitchen chairs.  

But I wanted it to work for them so we improvised and hung it from brackets in the cat room.

Like I said “Spoiled”
To try and get the cats interested I put some treats in it.

As you see, Syra was more interested in eating than hanging out.   After seeing her near the hammock…I’m not sure it would hold this big girl!

Yeah we should go on a diet!

Do you think your cats would like their own hammock?  Get it on amazon

Hideway Duffle Bag Pet Carrier for The Furry Gibsons

I received this pet carrier for a discount to review and post an honest review. 

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle

This pet carrier can be used for both cats and small dogs.  Not these two hairy mutts

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle is a duffle bag pet carrier.  It has privacy covers that allow for discreet travel which is great since the 17″x 20″x 10″ size bag is airline approved. 

Maybe I can get my cats to like traveling!

Both sides and top have roll down and velcro zipper side along with a breathable mesh zipper entry.  

Machiene washable.

Flully lined and padded fleece interior.

Detachable shoulder straps.

Outside side pocket for treats.

And a 100% satisfaction guaranted. 
I am pretty sure Whitacre our middle child…I mean cat, liked the feel of the carrier.  Must better than those plastic hard carriers.  

Celeste our oldest who hates to travel, actually came to test it out for a minute…then she was gone.

And our youngest Syra has decided she’d rather play outside than coming in to check out the new carrier.

As a cat mom, I will admitt I haven’t looked into that many different types of carriers.  We’ve only moved once and outside of a visit to the vet once a year thats all the cats ever need a carrier for.  But by receiving this carrier at a discount price to review I will have to say, I’m excited to now know I have a comfy way to take my cats out on adventures.

The Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle looks just like a gym bag but is made for the kitty comfort.  It’s light weight and I love the black and purple. 

I would recommend anyone looking for a new pet carrier to get this one.  

You can purchase your own on amazon.
What kind of pet carrier do you use?

A Subcription Box for Dog People-The DogPeopleBoX

A Box for Dog People!

I love subscription boxes, but sadly they can get super expensive.  This time I did not care how much the new DogPeopleBox was, I had to get it!

There are two subscription choices the DogPeopleBox or the DeluxeDogPeopleBox

  • DogPeopleBox-($45monthly) You receive 4 dog theme items for you
  • DeluxeDogPeopleBox ($50monthly) You receive 4 dog theme items for you PLUS your pup gets 2 items for them.

Includes free shipping and you can cancel anytime.

We chose the DeluxeDogPeopleBox- Cause we can’t leave Ossian & Koda out, right!


So what did we get in our first DeluxeDogPeopleBox wp-1469664320884.jpg

  1. A DogPeopleBox Tablet Sleeve-It is a completely homemade with foam padding ipad case. It is almost big enough for my chrome book as well.
  2. Tumbler-featuring prints of original drawings by one of the DogPeopleDox founders.
  3. Hand Printed Drawstring Cotton Bag with a Longboard Dachshund-This might be one of my favorite items in the box.  I have carried everything from my make up to water bottles.  I use it daily and its super cute.
  4. T-Shirt- “Sorry My Schedule is Full, I’m spending the day with my dog!” TOTALLY TRUE.  The t-shirt is nice quality but the saying is just an iron on.  But still cute.
  5. Socks- PomPom socks.
  6. BadTag- I laughed out loud when I read the tag “I has Toots in my butt”  This is an Ossian tag!!
  7. Cheddar and Banana Doggy Pretzels- Made in New Hampshire, all organic treats.  Ossian & Koda didn’t care much for them, but they are not a big “hard treat” type of pup.
  8. Mootug- Okay so when I saw this dog toy I was confused.  It is a tug toy with a comfortable grip for us, but the tug part for the dog is not horizontal (like most tug toys).  But this toy has impressed me, not because our tugger Ossian loves it-he hasn’t even touched it.  But Koda has drug it out of the toy box multiple times.  And actually tugged with it.  She never does this!!!


I have to say I did enjoy all the items we received in our DogPeopleBox.  I did end up cancelling our subscription because $50 a month is above our budget.


Check DogPeopleBox out for yourself!

Let us know what you received in your box.