Fall Bucket List

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Who’s ready for pumpkins, hoodies and cuddles?  We sure are,  and we want to make the most of this fall so here is our bucket list!

  • Attend the end of Summer Doggy Swims at local pools
  • Eat from a Food Truck
  • Play in the leaves
  • Go on a Paddle Boat Cruise at the Boat House
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Complete a corn maze
  • Dress up for Halloween
  • Attend a fall festival
  • Have a blanket picnic
  • Blog about what we’re thankful for

Pets & Vets Trunk or Treat

Our local animal emergency clinic hosted the first-of-its-kind “Pets & Vets Trunk or Treat” event!  They had decorated trunks, a pet costume contest and lots of pet-friendly treats.  All proceeds from the event go towards their charity fun to help pets that need and cannot afford emergency, life-saving care.



We all dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

We joined in on the fun and entered in the Group Costume Contest.


We won first place!


Such a cool event, we hope they have this event next year!




Tour de Stade

Tonight we tried our paws at the Tour de Stade*  In the smallest form…


*Tour de Stade a.k.a. “Tour of the stadium” is a physical exercise in which a person runs up and down all the stairs in a stadium.

We chased squirrel today.

Well  kind of…
Mom  said squirrel, we saw squirrel, we bounced around on our leash, squirrel ran away. 

We did get to explore some.  We went to Waveland Museum here in Lexington and explored the park around it.  It was a beautiful fall day, perfect weather for a walk. Although mom got a little cold.  

Before going home we went to Petsmart.  Mom and dad keep looking at these yummy delicious little hair things they called guinea pigs. I couldn’t help but wonder…..re they getting us dinner?

Nope, no dinner.  Well nothing that runs away at least.  After a nice meal at home we retired for the evening.  It was a good day.

K9 Olympics

Every year our local humane society host a fundraising event in which they call K9 Olympics.  Its a full day of fun games and activities for you and your pup.

Koda competed in the Outfield Catch
in which we start out up close and throw a cookie, and every time she catches it we take a few steps back.  The last three standing receive medals.  This year we came in fourth.

Ossian competes in Hot Dog Splash
in which a chunk of hot dog is tossed into a tub of water and he is timed on how long it takes to snatch it up and eat it.  Ossian does really well in this challenge, however they find it hard to time since his nose is so big they can’t see when he gobbles it down.  He has received a silver medal.


Here are a few fun picks from this years K9 Olympics!





Interesting Find at the Kentucky Horse Park

Every Monday night the Kentucky Horse Park host a Run/Walk Club.  Where you can come anytime between 5 and 8pm and walk a 2-3mile trail through the beautiful Horse Park.  Plus its pup friendly.

We don’t get to go too often as its during the summer and usually too hot for me and the pups.  But this week it was the perfect temp.  65 degrees and a beautiful breeze!

As always it fun to get nose to nose with beautiful horses

That Ossian is scaried of! Even when they are his size!

The horses love to see the pups too

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Horseys coming to see us!

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Tonight we were in for a big treat!  There was a very interest find under the large wood goose scultpure.

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What do you think it is?

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A Groundhog



Mom didn’t let us get it tho!   Can we go back now?

Wild Goose Chase

We city dogs like to act like country dogs every once in a while and demand we go hunt something.  If you follow us on twitter you have seen that we many times are referencing deer hunting..which is truly just riding in our car down a country road and when we spot a deer, we stick our heads out the windows to bark!

We also like to chase/hunt other wild animals.  My favorite is geese!  There are tons and tons of geese here in Lexington.  Who else is gonna get rid of them?  Me that’s who!

Ossian likes the groundhogs.  He actually killed one once, I helped but don’t tell momma she was mad and sad.  That darn thing shouldn’t have came into our yard!  We were only doing our doggy duty!  “haha you said doody”.  That’s what dad always says after he hears the word duty! I don’t get it.

Deer, Geese and groundhogs are among only a few wild animals that we like to “hunt” here in Kentucky.  I’d like to call myself a bunny hunter!!  For a while we were not to use the word rabbit or bunny, mom and dad wouldn’t even spell the word.  It might have been because they had two of them fuzzy balls upstairs and wouldn’t allow us to come see them.

Here are some videos from our hunts

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Kentucky Dog Park

Dog Parks We Have Played at in Kentucky wp-1470621828603.png

Our Top 5

  1. Sawyer Dog Park, Louisville, KY
  2. Boone County Dog Park, Florence, KY
  3. East Frankfort Bark Park, Frankfort, KY
  4. Michael Kay Red Orchard Dog Park, Shelbyville, KY
  5. Champions Dog Park, Louisville KY


Overall Total: 22





Our Top 10 Dog Friendly Attractions & Events

Here our Our 10 top dog friendly attraction we have been too!

Barkworld Expo– an annual conference for dog lovers in the social media world.


The Beach WaterPark: a water park in Cincinnati Ohio that has one day at the end of the season that dogs are allowed to romp through the water a.k.a beach.


Canine Games in St. Louis-visit the beautiful Purina Farms, and compete in many different games like Lure Cursing, IQ Games, Agility, Nosework and more.


Pour Taproom-Located in Greenville, South Carolina a self pour beer room that allows your pup to hang with you while you drink.


Circle G Ranch-a drive through safaria that your pup will loose his bark at all the animals that come licking at your windows


St. Augustine’s Boat-a one hour boat tour of the beautiful St. Augustine Florida waters and inline that allow your pup to see and smell the beauty with you.

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Nice breeze

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Devine’s Corn Maze: located right outside Lexington, KY.  Dogs are welcome to come pick their own pumpkin and try and help you find your way through three different level corn mazes.


K9 Olympics-hosted by our local humane society Woodford Humane Society, held in late fall, this awesome event allows your pup to compete in games such as the cookie toss, dress your doggy, doggy dash, hotdog dive and much more.  They can receive medals and awesome prizes


Wagfest-located in Columbus Ohio in late summer.  This FREE event gives you tons of vendors to shop through and get free dog samples.  Also attached to a leash free dog beach and has a ice castle to lay in.


Bi Water Farms-no fall is complete without a trip to a the farm.  See the beauty of one of our local pet friendly farms here in Lexington.




What are your favorite pet friendly attractions???? 

Mid-Year Check Ups

Today we had our mid-year check up.  Annual or bi-annual check ups are smart as it helps catch diseases early and prevents more costly problems in the future.


We decided it was time to try a new local veterinarian.  We chose to make an appointment at Green Tree Animal Hospital.

Logo for Green Tree Animal Hospital Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Joseph G Yocum opened Green Tree Animal Hospital in 2012. The biggest reason we chose Green Tree was because of their mission statement in which they seek out new technology and resources to help improve pets’ well being.  New technology is very important as veterinary science is always changing.  We look for a vet that allows new products and techniques to help our pets.

When changing vets it is always very important to have all our pertinent information. Luckily mom always keeps our records.  A paper copy, a digital copy (which is accessible through Google docs) and also a copy uploaded onto an app called Vitus Vet.

What is Vitus Vet?

This mobile app that allows you to have access to your pets records anytime, anywhere.  What is great is you can easily add old records either by contacting your vet via the app (which they can then upload records) or uploading yourself by simply taking a photo of the paper record.  You can add all your pets and add reminders and notes.  If your veterinarian is tech savvy, they may already have an app through Vitus Vet and you can request an appointment or medication refill.

With all these options to see our records, Green Tree had all our information as their finger tips.  Now it was time for them to check us out.









Since this was our first time at Green Tree, Dr. Yocum  was very thorough.  He checked our eyes, ears, nose and throat.  Koda was diagnosed with Grade 1 Cataracts.

Cataracts means that the lens of the eye is cloudy.  It can vary as fully clouded-over to partially clouded.  This can cause vision loss.  It is not possible to surgically remove the cataracts as we do in humans, so in the case of Koda we will just keep an eye on it. wp-1465000467883.jpg


Dr. Yocum checked out the rest of Koda and gave her two thumbs up.






For Ossian, we wanted Dr. Youcom to be aware of what we thought to be reverse sneeze. Turns out it was allergy related (just sinus drainage).  Yup, dogs get it too.  Benadryl was the answer!





All in all we got an “All Good” from our new vet Dr. Yocum.