A Letter To My Mother


It has been a while since my last correspondence. I would like to take the opportunity to review what has happened in that time.

  • You moved us out of small apartment
  • You moved us into small apartment
  • You moved us out of small apartment 
  • You moved us into house

I would be remiss if I did not remind you that my initial impression was that said house was a death trap. The world nearly ended that night.

While I have gotten used to the house, I do have some concerns:

  • Orange cat is annoying. You see how she is constantly bothering me, yet you do nothing. I have tried to take control of the situation, but to no avail.
  • The socks. Stop it. Yes, it’s hard to get up, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna wear those things.
  • Pills. You know I don’t like them, so just stop trying to make me take them. I know when they’re in my food, too, so don’t think that you can fool me.

Ok. I have said what I came here to say, so Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for the treats you give me (and the treats you give me via Ossian). I also like lying under the desk and in kennel, so that will continue.




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The Kennel That is Saving Lives

Screenshot 2018-07-11 at 6.55.40 PM

This KENNEL is saving lives!!!!

Okay maybe just our lives, but this kennel has saved us from many nights of hell.  Here we are just past Fourth of July and Gunner Kennel is one of the best buys we have EVER bought.

How we heard about it?   We walked into a new pet store in town called Hollywood Feed and saw a floor model of the kennel.  Jason’s first words were-“I bet koda couldn’t break out of that”  We decided to research it a bit before we made such a big purchase.

What research taught us? This kennel is made for travel and built for peace of mind.  The crate has a double wall and has been tested to withstand over 4,000lbs of force, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a 200+ foot cliff drop.  It has a certification from the Center for Pet Safety 5′ Star Crash Test Rating.

WHY WE LOVE it: Koda goes in without hesitation.  She seems to actually enjoy it, and doesn’t whine and bark.  Being made of hard plastic allows it vertically indestructible.  She can’t hurt herself or anyone or anything else!


Got a dog that likes to get out of kennels?
Got a dog that is scared of loud noises?
Need a dog crate?
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A Country Girl Can Survive

Mommy and me weekend!  Mom and I went to see Ma Neice & Pa E (mom’s parents).   It was so nice just being with mom and relaxing in the country air.

It’s possible I was a farm dog in another life.


Our weekend started with some ruff and tumbles with my cousins Lucky & Bear.

We played for a while, and I took a break while mom went to see her nieces, Eden & Porter.

The next day.  I had sausage for breakfast. Ma Neice likes to sneak some to me under the table.  It was soooo good.

After a big breakfast I took a nap.

Then Mom woke me up and said we were going to a “dog show”
It was the first time Scottsville had ever had a dog event,  Mom said.
Dog’s on Dumont, a charity fundraiser for Allen Co Special Olympics.  Mom tells me that her Pa was very involved with the Special Olympics as he was their go to Bus Driver.  It brought up lots of memories for mom.

Ma Neice went with us to the events, and I participated in the “Most Beautiful Female” I didn’t win, but it was okay I met some cool dogs.  I think Mom was a bit upset because she thinks I’m the prettiest!



They also had a Milk Bone hunt!  It was tons of fun, and I got a bag full of milk bones!

Of course I shared with Ossian!





For dinner we had Ham! Like real HAM!  And Ma Neice allowed me to sample it before dinner, and I got left overs after dinner.


The next day we Mom and I went to the Hollar (as she calls it)

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I played in the creek, barked at cows and got to enjoy lots of country air.


Ya know come to think of it, maybe I have part Border Collie or Australian Shepard.  I do love to herd.   Mom wouldn’t let me get into the pen with them tho, I guess she was worried about me bitting their ankles
I mean it would have been soft bits, just to get them moving!



All in all it was a perfect weekend, maybe mom will take me back soon!







Thanks to the song  “Country Boys Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr.
Been suck in my head all weekend long. ~Mom

Wild Goose Chase

We city dogs like to act like country dogs every once in a while and demand we go hunt something.  If you follow us on twitter you have seen that we many times are referencing deer hunting..which is truly just riding in our car down a country road and when we spot a deer, we stick our heads out the windows to bark!

We also like to chase/hunt other wild animals.  My favorite is geese!  There are tons and tons of geese here in Lexington.  Who else is gonna get rid of them?  Me that’s who!

Ossian likes the groundhogs.  He actually killed one once, I helped but don’t tell momma she was mad and sad.  That darn thing shouldn’t have came into our yard!  We were only doing our doggy duty!  “haha you said doody”.  That’s what dad always says after he hears the word duty! I don’t get it.

Deer, Geese and groundhogs are among only a few wild animals that we like to “hunt” here in Kentucky.  I’d like to call myself a bunny hunter!!  For a while we were not to use the word rabbit or bunny, mom and dad wouldn’t even spell the word.  It might have been because they had two of them fuzzy balls upstairs and wouldn’t allow us to come see them.

Here are some videos from our hunts

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Woodford Wag

We attended the 7th annual Woodford Wag this morning.  This 5K Cross Country Race & 2k Dog Walk benefits the Woodford Humane Society.  This was our first time going, we had to get up early and that was ruff, but loved spending time with Sydney!

wp-1464486045117.jpg wp-1464486203362.jpg

My cousin Sydney and I were in the “Pet and their Person Look-a-Like Contest”  We won runner up too!!!



We are lucky to live near such an awesome humane society that has such great events!

Check out all the events at Woodford Humane Society 

Pet Superhero

Pet Faves’  Instagram post got us thinking….

pet superpower

Well Ossian’s would be mind control.  He would like to say that he already has that super power…I mean I can’t really say he doesn’t because mom and dad usually do whatever he wants.  He’s so spoiled rotten.

Just like today he threw a fit when mom and dad went off to work, and they closed their bedroom door so he couldn’t’ sleep on the bed.  I mean.  Come’on Ossian.  They let you sleep on the bed at night.  Which is a whole different story; you just don’t wanna get me started on that.  Anyways….rant over…

My superpower would be to have “SonicBark”  (i kind of stole it from Malarky) but its too awesome not to steal.

“SonicBark”  Think of what I could do.  I could stun all people that come into my yard.  I could also get those stinkin rabbits that romp across the road!  And those geese.  OH what I could do if my bark stunned geese.   Those geese would be mine.  I wouldn’t harm them-NO!  I’d train them to be my solders!  Oh yes “SonicBark”would be awesome

I could even have my own comic book!  The Adventure of SuperKoda. Nah, that’s not very good.  I need a good super name….if my super power is super sonic bark, and my name is Koda….what should my name be???



Our Bucket List



  1. Have a photo taken with a Celebrity
  2. Go for a boat ride
  3. Find a pet friendly bar
  4. Take a pet-friendly tour of our city
  5. Go Camping
  6. Go on a road trip across the country
  7. Check out the ocean
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Play in the rain
  10. Play in the snow
  11. Hike a Mountain
  12. Get certified as a Canine Good Citizen
  13. Star in a commercial
  14. Start a dog friendly business
  15. Visit the mostly friendliest cities in America
  16. Have a sculpture done of us
  17. Learn a unique trick
  18. Attend a dog camp    Camp Dogwood
  19. Receive a ribbon for a competition
  20. Meet a monkey
  21. Write a book
  22. Start a blog (hehe)
  23. Visit all the dog parks in our state
  24. Have a birthday party
  25. Become therapy dogs
  26. Go to the zoo
  27. Watch a movie at a drive in theater
  28. Swim in a pool
  29. Have our own facebook page
  30. Ride in a convertible
  31. Get a Doggy Massage
  32. Go on a doggy cruise
  33. Ride first class on an airplane
  34. Go to an amusement/theme park
  35. Get over 1,000 followers on Instagram
  36. Swim with Dolphins
  37. See a Pet Psychic
  38. Compete in an agility competition
  39. Compete in a Badass dash K9 Competition
  40. Go dog sledding
  41.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
  42. Jump on a trampoline
  43. Hike a snowy mtn
  44. Have a fire hydrant named after us
  45. Go whale watching
  46. Have professional photos done
  47. Compete in a “Barn Hunt” competition
  48. Travel Overseas
  49. Visit an orchard
  50. Meet Betty White


See the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Attend Purina’s #Betterwithpets Summit

Go on the Breaking Bad trolley tour

Woofstock in Canada https://woofstock.ca/



Have some other cool things we should add to our bucket list???? Comment below!

Beach Bums! Fort De Soto Dog Beach

Fort De Soto Dog Beach in St. Petersburg Florida

1 of Bring Fido’s top Dog Beaches in the US.

3500 Pinellas Bayway S.
Saint Petersburg, FL, US 33715
(727) 582-8867

This doggie beach was our first real salt water beach we have ever visited!

It was pretty awesome!  We didn’t have to be on leashes and could run free!  Of course we went straight for the water.   It tasted so weird!  But you know me I still need to drink

A OK Dog Tip:   “Always swim with a partner!”


We were having the time of our lives!


Mom and Dad made sure we were taking plenty of breaks from the hot sun!

I wasn’t too happy that mom made us come sit, so I stuck our my tongue at her.

Thought i’d get in trouble, but she just laughed and took my picture!

Ossian drank way too much sea water

OK Dog Tip:  LISTEN, when your parents say “DON’T DRINK THE SALT WATER”

My tummy started hurting, and I had to go to the bathroom A LOT.

So I just sat with Mommy, she gave me kisses and belly rubs and made me feel much better


She even dump the ice we brought so I could lay on it!


It made me feel much better

Even though I got a little sick, we both had a great time!  We think you should definitely check this dog park out!


The Run Down:

Type of Park: Off Leash

Surface Area: (Three different parks) 1 beach (about an acre), 1 small dog area (less than an acre each) and 1 large dog area.

Stimulating Activities: The Beach!

Cooling: the Salt water (as long as the pups don’t drink) the other two dog areas have a rinse station, there isn’t much shading on the beach so bring an umbrella.  The large dog area has a few shade trees

Separate Areas: The beach area is for all, the other two areas (which are a little bit of a walk from the beach) are separated by weight.

Greenage: There is a few waste bag stations near the beach and a few in the grassy areas (be sure to bring your own as there few and far between and its just easier that way)

Human Comfort: not much, bring a towel or a beach chair!  There are no benches in the grassy areas either.

Location: You must enter the Fort De Soto park.  The two main grassy areas are right off the parking area, the beach is a little walk through the trees (your dog must stay leashed outside the dog beach areas or the dog park area) IT’S THE RULE!

Maintenance: Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: There is a $5 car fee for entrance into Fort De Soto Park. See RulesOwners are required to supervise and clean up after their dogs. All dogs must be on a leash when outside of the dog park area.

Summer Vacation Planning!

Mom and Dad have been planning our summer vacation.  Here’s what they got so far….but they need help!   Comment below and let us know if you’ve visited before and what you enjoyed doing???


Saturday June 20th we will leave!

We will be spending at lest one night in the following cities!  (help us find cool and fun things to do!)

Atlanta GA

Gainesville FL

Fort Myers FL

Miami FL

Jacksonville FL

Savannah GA

Charleston SC

Greenville SC

Smokey Mtns TN

Knoxville TN

Home on July 3rd



So Fresh and So Clean!

     PetValu Self Wash Pet Stations!

We love this new pet store we stumble upon one day out and about.

Its located at 7000 John Davis Dr #300, Frankfort KY

The self serve pet wash is only $10 for 30 minutes, they provide shampoo, towels, and have a great hair dryer!  And the best thing: they do all the clean up!

No appointment required, just walk in and asked!  Don’t forget to get your frequent bath card.  Buy 6 get 1 free!

Don’t we look good after our bath!?

Check out Pet Valu here