Dog Parks


If you have followed our blog for a while you know that most of our post are about dog parks that we explore.  We have come up with a new way of giving you the deets!


Each letter represents a certain detail of the park ->

  • Nature of Park
  • Open to …
  • Location
  • Enrichment
  • Areas
  • Surface
  • Human Comfort



Nature of the Park:  Off leash area, fenced, not fenced,

Open to Public, to members only

Location: City and State

Enrichment: swimming, agility, woods

Area: small and or large dog areas

Surface: Grass, dirt, rock, mulch, dirt, turf

Human Comfort: seating for humans



At the end of each “dog park” we explore we like to rate them on a 1 to 5 Paw Scale:

Look for the





Check out our Top 10 Dog Parks




See how we use to characterize the dog parks we ventured too.





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