Twin Lakes Dog Park



Nature of park: Fenced Off Leash
Open to the Public
Location: Columbia, MO
Enrichment: WATER!!!! A huge lake to swim in.
Areas: Three technically.  One all dog area, one small dog area w/ water access, and one                       lake side area.  *They usually have the all dog and lake access area open together.
Surface: mainly dirt & sand
Human Comfort: Quiet a few benches, some cool looking chairs and picnic benches all                        around the park.

The Ok Dog’s Rating:  5 out 5 Paws

This park is making us rethink our Top 10!

Ossian & Koda knows the rules: Always swim with a buddy!
This is one happy dog!  Swimming on a beautiful day=the best day
Ossian surveying the land
Koda & her ball (that she found and claimed as her own)

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