Favorite Facebook Group


Facebook has some great dog groups!

In this post I’m going to share some of my favorite groups!





  1. One of my absolute favorite groups is called DOG SNOBS CHAT

You have to fill out a questionnaire to join and thick skin.  Members are abrasive so you have to be careful what you say b/c you will get truth from others.  You will learn a lot tho!


2. Guess the Dog Breed
This group is pretty cool, you learn about new dog breeds and if you have a mix breed you can post a picture and get all kinds of ideas what your pup is!


3. Canine Questions, Advice and Venting
I enjoy reading the advice that come from different people!


4.  Canine Conditioning and Body Awareness
In this group I’ve learned lots of cool ideas for helping Koda and Ossian become more body aware, and help strengthen both their body and mind.


Check out some of these groups if your interested in:


Dog Training?

  • Dog Training Advice and Support
  • Modern Dog Training and Behavior
  • Dog Training 101: Community Forum


Raw Diet for Dogs?

  • K9Nutrition
  • The Raw Feeding Community


Are you in any dog facebook groups???


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