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T-PET Dog Daily Dental Care Gel

We review: T-PET Dog Daily Dental Care GeL

Dog breath yuck!  Mom never let’s us cuddle when we have bad breath!  She forgets we don’t have thumbs, so we can’t brush our own teeth.  So we are lucky to have found an easy doggy tooth paste that is easy for mom to use, and taste great to us.

It’s pretty simple really.  

1. Take our your T-Pet Dental Gel

2. Push down on the pump, until a small amount has plopped on to the finger toothbrush

3. Sit on the couch with you pup

4. Brush his teeth (dont forget the back canines)

5. Enjoy clean fresh breath

Goal:  Brush 3x weekly!

 Whats great about T-PET Dog Daily Dental Care Gel?

  • Infused with pepermind and spearmint.
  • Minty-meaty flavor
  • Eliminates plaque and tartar
  • Maintains gum health
  • Clinically tested to visually remove dental plaque and tartar by 20% and 17% respectively within 1 month of continuous use as well as gums and gingivitis. 
  • Tannic acid works to soften receding gums to prevent further damage
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Veterinarian approved

    Want more kisses for the New Year?  BUY IT NOW


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