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What is a Labryinth?  

Many think of a labryinth as a maze, but in fact a labryinth has only one path.  Usually a circular path that leads you to the middle, and back out the way you came.  A labryinth is designed To easily navigate and is impossible to get lost.  

We were lucky to come across a prayer labryinth at a church we visited.  

It was a simple design but brought great meaning.  It can be used in many different ways, but the main focus was to walk the path to find your center and listen for God to speak to you.  We found it to be very helpful in focusing on “heeling”   

As Jason and Koda walked peacefully side by side, Oss and I did the same.  It was a bit hard as the path was made for a single person but as we walked Ossian head leaned against my leg.  It was calming and all my worries seem to just drift away.  As I walked through the small labryinth with my Soul Mate, I found my center.

This small moment in time will forever live in my memory, and because of that, Jason and I have already started planning our own labryinth for our back yard.   Come spring our construction will begin.  



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