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A Church Dog Park

In the middle of the small community of Forest Hill lies a true gem, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church.  Established in 1924, when Richmond was in need of a Presbyterian church, eight charter members began meeting in a local elementary school.  In 1946, Forest Hill Presbyterian Church relocated and still stands at the corner of Forest Hill Ave and 44th Street in Richmond, Virginia.

Although we traveled through Richmond during the week, and wasn’t able to attend Sunday service, we stopped for a walk around their small campus.  Between the beautiful building and the very touching labryinth garden, this church also decide to dedicate part of its land to the pups of the community.

Phideaux Field is a small fenced area for pups to socialize off leash.  Forest Hill Presbyterian Church build the dog park for the community to give pets a place to excise while their humans get to know each other and build a stronger community.

What an amazing little church.  

With such strong community values this church deserves around of barks!  Thank you for caring for the pet lovers in your community!

If you live in or around Richmond, Virginia; we encourage you to check out Forest Hill Presbyterian Church!



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