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Dear Santa Paws

Here are a few things that The Ok Dog’s have on there Wish List!


The OK Dog’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Foobler 

The Foobler is a time release self loading puzzle feeder.  It has 6 chambers to hold kibble or treats.  You can select different time intervals to release treats which means it can have up to 9 hours of releasing treats.  Entertain, engage and enrich!  Koda & Ossian love treat balls, but the Foobler would allow for longer play time, instead of them rolling around for 15 mins and getting it all out.

Retails for $24.99 on Amazon

Tether Tug

tether-tugThe Tether Tug is a rope toy attached to a string attached to a bendable pole.  It can be places outside for your dog to play with their self, or use inside as well.  We like this toy b/c as many times as we play with the cats with their chase pole, Koda tries to get it.  So this would be a great toy to play with inside or out, and have her chase it (sort of like a live lure!)

Retails for $39.99 on Amazon

Wooly Snuffle Mat

Paw 5The Wooly Snuffle Mat makes sniffing fun, much easier and clearner than sniffing for food in grass or dirt, this allows your pup to sniff away inside looking for treats.  This may or may not be a great buy for us, as I can see Ossian flipping the entire rug over and moving it out of the way to get the treats!  But for smaller dogs this would make a great gift.  We know some beagles that would love this!

Retails for $39.95 on Paw5.us

The PetCube

Seriously how awesome is this!  A camera that you can use to check in on your pups and not only talk to them BUT play LAZER with them.  Koda would flip!   Although my worry is she would tear something up if I stopped playing laser with her before she was done.

Retails for $149.00 on Amazon



The CleverPet is basically a “Simon” game for your pup.  You remember them?  It shows you a pattern of colors and sounds, and you have to repeat what it just showed you.  That’s essential how CleverPet works your dogs brain to get treats.  KODA WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS.  I think she could master it in a day!
Maybe Santa Paws will bring this gift!
Retails for $299.99 on Clever.Pet


Here’s a toy that we are keeping an eye on for next year!


plate date.jpg

This interactive ball that houses a live video cam, that allows you to roll the ball around and play with your pup from the mobile app, and see how much fun they are having.  This toy is still on Indigogo, but by next year you should be able to buy it!

What does your pup want from Santa Paws this year?

dear santa paws.jpg  


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