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A Country Girl Can Survive

Mommy and me weekend!  Mom and I went to see Ma Neice & Pa E (mom’s parents).   It was so nice just being with mom and relaxing in the country air.

It’s possible I was a farm dog in another life.


Our weekend started with some ruff and tumbles with my cousins Lucky & Bear.

We played for a while, and I took a break while mom went to see her nieces, Eden & Porter.

The next day.  I had sausage for breakfast. Ma Neice likes to sneak some to me under the table.  It was soooo good.

After a big breakfast I took a nap.

Then Mom woke me up and said we were going to a “dog show”
It was the first time Scottsville had ever had a dog event,  Mom said.
Dog’s on Dumont, a charity fundraiser for Allen Co Special Olympics.  Mom tells me that her Pa was very involved with the Special Olympics as he was their go to Bus Driver.  It brought up lots of memories for mom.

Ma Neice went with us to the events, and I participated in the “Most Beautiful Female” I didn’t win, but it was okay I met some cool dogs.  I think Mom was a bit upset because she thinks I’m the prettiest!



They also had a Milk Bone hunt!  It was tons of fun, and I got a bag full of milk bones!

Of course I shared with Ossian!





For dinner we had Ham! Like real HAM!  And Ma Neice allowed me to sample it before dinner, and I got left overs after dinner.


The next day we Mom and I went to the Hollar (as she calls it)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I played in the creek, barked at cows and got to enjoy lots of country air.


Ya know come to think of it, maybe I have part Border Collie or Australian Shepard.  I do love to herd.   Mom wouldn’t let me get into the pen with them tho, I guess she was worried about me bitting their ankles
I mean it would have been soft bits, just to get them moving!



All in all it was a perfect weekend, maybe mom will take me back soon!







Thanks to the song  “Country Boys Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr.
Been suck in my head all weekend long. ~Mom


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