Product Reviews

Doggy Seat Belt

We Review: INNX OP904001 Nylon Material Vehicle Ajustable Seat Belt Safety Harness Seatbelt Tether Car Restraint for Pets, Dog Cat (2pack, black)


Our pups go everywhere with us.  Although we want them to enjoy the ride we also want them to be safe.

I am thankful we have found this set of Nylon Seat Belt Safety Harness Seat belt Tethers. They are perfect for our pups, you just snap them into the seat belt in your car and then latch to the pups harness, they are long enough for the pups to turn around and lay down, but not to much lead way for them to distract us by coming up and getting in out laps while drive (which Ossian LOVES to do!)

Make sure you use with a Dog Harness only, as attaching it to a collar can cause chocking or neck injury in an accident.

The snap that attached to the harness allows the pet to move with a swivel of the clip and doesn’t twist the straps.

This product is an important product to have for any dog traveler!  Order yourself one for the new year on Amazon.




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