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K9 Pro Glucosamine Joint Supplements for Dogs

We Review: K9 Pro Glucosamine Joint Supplements
Mom has been making us take supplements for years. With my hip displaysia and Koda’s bad back, we know our way around some joint supplements.
These seemed to be a great buy:  with more glucosamine and chondriotin in 1 treat that means we as the big dogs don’t have to take as many.  Some other joint supplements we ended up taking up to 6 a day! (even on the maintance dose)
K9 Pro Glucosamine Supplements are said to be tasty beef flavored chews.  However they are more like tablets, we’re not big on tablets.  Mom did add some cheese to them which I took without a fuss, but Koda as her picky self, ate the cheese around the tablet.  So if your a picky dog, these are not a good pick for you
We will say, being on a daily supplement is better than having to take pain pills, supplements truly help and don’t mess with your liver or kidneys.  We suggest even if you don’t choose K9 Pro, that you look into some kind of Hip and join Supplement, and start as early as 1 year old!!
Interested in trying K9 Supplements order them on Amazon


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