Local Loves

K9 Olympics

Every year our local humane society host a fundraising event in which they call K9 Olympics.  Its a full day of fun games and activities for you and your pup.

Koda competed in the Outfield Catch
in which we start out up close and throw a cookie, and every time she catches it we take a few steps back.  The last three standing receive medals.  This year we came in fourth.

Ossian competes in Hot Dog Splash
in which a chunk of hot dog is tossed into a tub of water and he is timed on how long it takes to snatch it up and eat it.  Ossian does really well in this challenge, however they find it hard to time since his nose is so big they can’t see when he gobbles it down.  He has received a silver medal.


Here are a few fun picks from this years K9 Olympics!






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