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Best Seat Cover for those Hairy Dogs

Two hairy dogs that love to swim and get dirty doesn’t play nice with new car seats.  I am glad I found INNX Quilted Seat Cover.  Although Ossian & Koda ride with the back seat down, this Seat Cover still works.


Its great how it covers the back seat, and connects to the front two seats (they sometimes keeps them in the back) *Other times the small one, haha Ossian likes to try and sit in our laps.

It’s also great that it also straps underneath the back seat…so they can’t move it around like a blanket.  It is not big enough to cover the entire back area of our Santa Fe, but we have a catch all mat for the very back so its all okay.

You are technically suppose to use it like this


But we use it like this  (ignore the dirt…see we have worn it in well!)

wp-1474912031973.jpg    wp-1474912076185.jpg

And it works wonderfully


Be sure to check it out on amazon!


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