Mom Reviews

Mom Reviews A Fitbit Alta Band

What is a Fitbit?

An activity tracker that helps you keep motivated to keep moving!  Counts your steps, calories burned, hours slept and more!!

Do you own a Fitbit?

Why I love my Fitbit Alta:

  • It’s smaller than the Charge (which I use to have)
  • Has the display screen (which the Fitbit flex does not)
  • Allows your to get notification-calls and text *text message display on screen

Why I love #XnucolMagneticClosureClaspMeshBandforFibitAlta

  • stylish
  • magnetic clasp that is easier to latch (unlike the Fitbit band it comes with)
  • matches the Fitbit display


Do you have a Fitbit?

Which one do you have?

Do you know their is a Fitbit for dogs?  Fitbark!!!






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