Mom Reviews

A Cat Hammock for the Furry Gibsons

I received this cat hammock for free in return for an honest reveiw.

Who doesn’t love laying in a hammock?

My cats thats who!

#whoyoukitten these cats are beyond spoiled, between tons of expensive beds and having their OWN room.  You’d think they would be more greatful.

The Hanging Cat Hammock is made extremly well with thick cotton that makes it super soft.  It also has strong hanging clips.  I suppose its best to hang in a cat cage or under a kitchen chair but it didn’t work that well with our kitchen chairs.  

But I wanted it to work for them so we improvised and hung it from brackets in the cat room.

Like I said “Spoiled”
To try and get the cats interested I put some treats in it.

As you see, Syra was more interested in eating than hanging out.   After seeing her near the hammock…I’m not sure it would hold this big girl!

Yeah we should go on a diet!

Do you think your cats would like their own hammock?  Get it on amazon


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