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Tails Playground-An Indoor Dog Park!

Tails Playground is an indoor dog park located in Columbus, Ohio.  We were lucky to come across it on and just had to check it out.

Located in a nice area of town with lots of business and apartments near by making it in a great location.  It didn’t have many parking spots tho.  I guess most people walk there.

When we entered there was not one around.  The owner was in the back playing with the one dog that was there.  I guess Friday mid afternoon is not a “hot” time for dogs there.

We filled out the basic paperwork (which you can fill out ahead of time online) then we gave our vaccine records.  Must be up-to-date of course.

She showed us the lounge area, complete with hooks in the floor for leashes.  This business is still fairly new but they hope to have lots of gatherings there.  It would be a great place for college students to take their pups and study.  Hopefully they will put in a cafe area.  Right now they just had coffee and water.

In the play area, two areas where fenced off.  One for large dogs, one for smalls.  There is always a staff member on duty to help pick up duty, clean up urine and help keep pups happy.

There are tons of toys to play with.  Although we would have like to have some dogs to play with as well.  All in all a very unique place that I wish was closer to us so we could enjoy it a bit more.




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