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Hideway Duffle Bag Pet Carrier for The Furry Gibsons

I received this pet carrier for a discount to review and post an honest review. 

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle

This pet carrier can be used for both cats and small dogs.  Not these two hairy mutts

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle is a duffle bag pet carrier.  It has privacy covers that allow for discreet travel which is great since the 17″x 20″x 10″ size bag is airline approved. 

Maybe I can get my cats to like traveling!

Both sides and top have roll down and velcro zipper side along with a breathable mesh zipper entry.  

Machiene washable.

Flully lined and padded fleece interior.

Detachable shoulder straps.

Outside side pocket for treats.

And a 100% satisfaction guaranted. 
I am pretty sure Whitacre our middle child…I mean cat, liked the feel of the carrier.  Must better than those plastic hard carriers.  

Celeste our oldest who hates to travel, actually came to test it out for a minute…then she was gone.

And our youngest Syra has decided she’d rather play outside than coming in to check out the new carrier.

As a cat mom, I will admitt I haven’t looked into that many different types of carriers.  We’ve only moved once and outside of a visit to the vet once a year thats all the cats ever need a carrier for.  But by receiving this carrier at a discount price to review I will have to say, I’m excited to now know I have a comfy way to take my cats out on adventures.

The Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Duffle looks just like a gym bag but is made for the kitty comfort.  It’s light weight and I love the black and purple. 

I would recommend anyone looking for a new pet carrier to get this one.  

You can purchase your own on amazon.
What kind of pet carrier do you use?


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