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5 Reasons Pet Microchips are Important

  1. Tags Fall Off: Most people keep tags on their pets collars, but if your pet gets out it’s possible and likely their collar can fall off. Then, the only way to reunite them is by scanning their microchip.
  2. It is not Removable: You can’t remove a microchip. So you can use that to prove that your pet is your pet.
  3. No Pain for Your Pup: A pet microchip is as big as a grain of rice. Your pet does not have to be under anesthesia to be microchipped, although most owners opt to microchip during spay or neuter surgery.
  4. Notifies Local Shelters, Rescues & Veterinary Clinics: If your pet does become lost, having a microchip allows you to log into your account to update all information, alert the community, and print out lost and found posters.
  5. Ability to See Where Your Pet was Found: Some of the newer microchips like “Save This Life” allow you to get a notification when your pet is scanned and entered into the computer.  Save This Life microchips are awesome because anyone that scans the microchip can just plug the number into google search and it gives them the information they need to get in contact with you, plus you get a notification.

There you have it gang.  These are our Top 5 Reason Microchipping is so important.  Be sure to see other ways to Prevent Losing Your Pet with Technology.



1 thought on “5 Reasons Pet Microchips are Important”

  1. Microchips are critically important to ensure safe, quick return of a lost pet. The only down side is that they do move and can exit the body. I recommend a pet be scanned every year at their Vet visit, 1 to ensure the chip is still there, and 2 to ensure it is still working! Thanks for this blog, I’ll be sharing it often! Annette


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