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A Subcription Box for Dog People-The DogPeopleBoX

A Box for Dog People!

I love subscription boxes, but sadly they can get super expensive.  This time I did not care how much the new DogPeopleBox was, I had to get it!

There are two subscription choices the DogPeopleBox or the DeluxeDogPeopleBox

  • DogPeopleBox-($45monthly) You receive 4 dog theme items for you
  • DeluxeDogPeopleBox ($50monthly) You receive 4 dog theme items for you PLUS your pup gets 2 items for them.

Includes free shipping and you can cancel anytime.

We chose the DeluxeDogPeopleBox- Cause we can’t leave Ossian & Koda out, right!


So what did we get in our first DeluxeDogPeopleBox wp-1469664320884.jpg

  1. A DogPeopleBox Tablet Sleeve-It is a completely homemade with foam padding ipad case. It is almost big enough for my chrome book as well.
  2. Tumbler-featuring prints of original drawings by one of the DogPeopleDox founders.
  3. Hand Printed Drawstring Cotton Bag with a Longboard Dachshund-This might be one of my favorite items in the box.  I have carried everything from my make up to water bottles.  I use it daily and its super cute.
  4. T-Shirt- “Sorry My Schedule is Full, I’m spending the day with my dog!” TOTALLY TRUE.  The t-shirt is nice quality but the saying is just an iron on.  But still cute.
  5. Socks- PomPom socks.
  6. BadTag- I laughed out loud when I read the tag “I has Toots in my butt”  This is an Ossian tag!!
  7. Cheddar and Banana Doggy Pretzels- Made in New Hampshire, all organic treats.  Ossian & Koda didn’t care much for them, but they are not a big “hard treat” type of pup.
  8. Mootug- Okay so when I saw this dog toy I was confused.  It is a tug toy with a comfortable grip for us, but the tug part for the dog is not horizontal (like most tug toys).  But this toy has impressed me, not because our tugger Ossian loves it-he hasn’t even touched it.  But Koda has drug it out of the toy box multiple times.  And actually tugged with it.  She never does this!!!


I have to say I did enjoy all the items we received in our DogPeopleBox.  I did end up cancelling our subscription because $50 a month is above our budget.


Check DogPeopleBox out for yourself!

Let us know what you received in your box.




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