Simmonds Family Dog Park


Type of Park: Fenced Off Leash

Location: 8715 Hamilton Cleves Pike Road, Cleves, OH

Maintenance: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: None (Except it is $3 to get into the park) *although on Saturday there was no one there to take the money.

Separate Areas: Yes *there were four areas.  One small One large *One agility area-but the large dogs had to enter through there to get to their area, and then another “all dog area” *it was closed at the time we visited.

Surface Area: Grass, Dirt and Gravel

Stimulating Activities: Agility area

Cooling: Cooling tents, and a few trees *that when full grown will provide lots of shade

Greenage: a few doggy stations in each side of the park

Human Comfort: Shading tents with picnic tables underneath, a few benches through out the park

the OK Dog’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paws

*very neat park, wish they would have added a water feature to it.  It would make the top list then*


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