Highland Hills Dog Park

Located in Fort Thomas Kentucky

Nice park, on a large hill with lots of brush, trees and weeds.  Be sure to wear your bug spray.

Lots of smells for the pups.  It was quiet and breezy.
Type of Park: fenced off leash

Separate Area: one small area and one large dog area

Stimulating Activities: lots of trees, brush/weeds and leaves to sniff and explore the possiblity of small furry animals living under them!

Maintance: park open dawn to 10:30pm.  There is a park light.  Does not light the whole park so be sure the pups wear reflectors so you can see them.

Greenage: waste station and bags at entrance

Cooling: lots of shade trees, water fountain located outside fenced area

Human comfort: lots of benches, at top of hill middle and lower parts of hill so you can rest and watch your pup explore.

Membership: free to public

The OK Dog’s Rating: 3 out 5 paws

Great park to explore!

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