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Parkgrounds Cafe & Dog Park

Type of Park: fenced off leash park with attached human cafe!

Location: 142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Maintenance: 8am-9pm daily

Membership: no membership required but you must purchase a beverage to use the park.


Separate Areas: One area for all dogs!

Surface: mainly dirt and some grass

Stimulating Activities: none

Cooling: large shade tree

Greenage: one doggy waste station in middle of park

Human Comfort: picnic tables and benches, along with dog free patio (where you can write or just chill and eat a grill cheese while watching your pooch play)


theOKdog’s Rating: 3 out 5 paws 

Very cool concept for a dog park.  I could see a lot of blogging getting done at this place!



5 thoughts on “Parkgrounds Cafe & Dog Park”

  1. I have been wanting to try out Parkgrounds! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, so I wasn’t sure if it was worth the trip into Atlanta. I am thinking that I will try it out if I am every attending an event in the city with the dogs. Thanks for sharing this review!


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