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Freedom Barks

Type Of Park: not fully fenced extremely large off Leash park

Location: entrace at Old Marlton Pike and Jones Rd.  Walk past childrens playground through large open field and you will find entrance to park back between trees. In Medford New Jersey

Membership? Free to public

Separate Areas? No extremely large area for all dogs

Maintance: the best way to know about closures is to follow their facebook page

Surface Area: Grass, Sand, Mud, Rocks, Water

Stimulating Activities: lots of rivers go swim in, agility equipment and hiking trails

Cooling: lots and lots of shade trees and river to cool off

Human Comfort: a few benches in each area.  Bring bug spray for yourself!!!!
The OK Dog’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Paws

*very nice to have huge areas to explore, play frisbee or work on recall.  Also agility and a creek to play or chase geese in!!!!


3 thoughts on “Freedom Barks”

  1. They are in the process of creating an area for small dogs, starting with a new agility course, and that part of the park will eventually have a fence and sign indicating it is for small dogs. The small dog area will still be quite large. Disclosure: the new agility course is my daughter’s Girl Scout Silver project.


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