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Our Top 10 Dog Friendly Attractions & Events

Here our Our 10 top dog friendly attraction we have been too!

Barkworld Expo– an annual conference for dog lovers in the social media world.


The Beach WaterPark: a water park in Cincinnati Ohio that has one day at the end of the season that dogs are allowed to romp through the water a.k.a beach.


Canine Games in St. Louis-visit the beautiful Purina Farms, and compete in many different games like Lure Cursing, IQ Games, Agility, Nosework and more.


Pour Taproom-Located in Greenville, South Carolina a self pour beer room that allows your pup to hang with you while you drink.


Circle G Ranch-a drive through safaria that your pup will loose his bark at all the animals that come licking at your windows


St. Augustine’s Boat-a one hour boat tour of the beautiful St. Augustine Florida waters and inline that allow your pup to see and smell the beauty with you.

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Devine’s Corn Maze: located right outside Lexington, KY.  Dogs are welcome to come pick their own pumpkin and try and help you find your way through three different level corn mazes.


K9 Olympics-hosted by our local humane society Woodford Humane Society, held in late fall, this awesome event allows your pup to compete in games such as the cookie toss, dress your doggy, doggy dash, hotdog dive and much more.  They can receive medals and awesome prizes


Wagfest-located in Columbus Ohio in late summer.  This FREE event gives you tons of vendors to shop through and get free dog samples.  Also attached to a leash free dog beach and has a ice castle to lay in.


Bi Water Farms-no fall is complete without a trip to a the farm.  See the beauty of one of our local pet friendly farms here in Lexington.




What are your favorite pet friendly attractions???? 


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