Special Treats for the Hunter at Heart


One of our favorite things to do is jump in the car, roll the windows down, and go “Deer Hunting”.  No, not the kind where we shoot at deer, but the kind where we drive down a old country road looking for deer.  When we find some, we pull over and bark our heads off (from the safety of the car) until they run away.


Being city dogs, we don’t see many “wild” animals.  Only every once in a while do we see a bunny in the neighbor’s yard.  So “deer hunting” gets us city type out of the house to enjoy the air and get our bark on *copyright pending!* “Get Ya Bark On”


So when our friends at Only Natural Pet sent us some yummy Jerky Strips to try, we were super stoked that they sent “Free Range Venison”.  Did you know venison was deer?  We didn’t….dad had to look it up too! Momma’s a country girl so she knew what venison meant but still laughed at us when we asked!



Finally we get to sink our teeth into some deer.  


Venison refers to the meat of a deer.  It is one of the easiest proteins for dogs to digest and is highly recommended for dogs with allergies.  ONP takes pride in their products, they always offer 100% guarantee, especially with these single protein treats.  Plus, they’re all natural and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  ONP Jerky Strips are made in the USA as well.  


They are also soft and chewy!!!  They are irresistible to us. We hear the bag open and we come running.  Mom loves them too, not just because they are safe and healthy for us, but because they have a very strong smell-in which we love, but don’t leave her hands smelling after offering us a treat.  That means we get them more often!!!


Only Natural Pet Jerky Strips are not in stores but are at an unbeatable price on ONP’s website.  14.99 for a 6oz bag.  There really is a lot of them in a bag too!!!  Check them out here… And be sure to tell them theOKDogs recommended them!   Happy Hunting!



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